Mocha Is Back In A Brand New Avatar & We Love It!

Once upon a time Mocha, with it’s quirky walls, dim lit interiors and sheesha (and those Oreo Shakes) was a popular haunt for youth in Pune. You can only imagine how sad it made us to see one of our beloved cafes shutting shop.

Four years later, on 5 May 2017, Mocha gave Pune a reason to celebrate once again as it opened its doors to public in a completely new avatar. The menu and ambiance might be completely different (definitely not what the old Mocha was like) but that never stopped Puneites from celebrating the comeback of this brand. Has it lived up to it’s expectations? Let’s find out:


There are no dark purple or deep pink walls anymore. Everything is brightly lit, modern, sleek and super stylish. The seating indoors is spacious and well ventilated. The outer area comes as a pleasant surprise with its swings, pebbles, cane furniture and green plants all around. What’s more, the amount of space in this establishment is a reason to celebrate as you hardly find any eateries that offer you so many options in terms of seating and ambiance these days. There’s also a small smoking section here.


You’re well looked after here thanks to the super friendly staff. They’re also a great help when you’re deciding what to order (they’ll even tell you what you should eat depending on your mood) Great job guys.


The menu is extensive! There’s Indian, Oriental and Italian to choose from. We wanted to taste a little bit of everything, and after much consultation with the staff we decided to sample all the cuisines in a 3 course meal. Here’s what we ordered:

Mocha Chicken Wings – comes highly recommended, goes well with a cooler (whiskey would have been perfect but this restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol) It’s a fun dish to munch on, I’d recommend you try this.

Buhari Chicken 65– Interesting! Here’s Mocha’s version of the famous Chicken 65, and we love it! The coastal flavours earn this one brownie points.

Herbed Marinated Grilled Chicken – can’t help ordering this every time we see this on a menu. 2 pieces of succulent, juicy chicken breasts served with mashed potatoes, a creamy mustard sauce and sauteed veggies had us go oooh LA LA (which later ended in a food coma) We shared this dish, considering we had eaten 2 starters already and had dessert lined up. mocha grilled chicken


Chocolate Orange Marmalade Pastry- interesting flavours once again, but the presentation was a little wonky. The pastry was a little hard, and the layers were falling apart. I understand this is a tricky one to make, with 3 layers of chocolate and marmalade holding it all together. Great on taste, cutting marks for the presentation.


Suitable for :

Family, couples & large groups. This place can also serve as a great meeting point with its WiFi and reasonably priced coffee.

Do I see myself going back? Hell yes! If not for the food, I’m definitely visiting for meetings and work.

Contributing Writer: Protima Tiwary 
Protima is one of the most sought bloggers in the city. She gets into the depth of writing by always having something interesting in her blogs. Her articles have a personal touch, which makes the readers wants to keep reading! Much love Pro

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