Have you tried the travelling sushi festival at Shizusan yet?

8 special sushi that have travelled the globe before landing on your plate at all Shizusan Shophouse & Bars this July.

Shizusan – the Southeast Asian Shophouse & Bar –has introduced a special menu for all the sushi lovers in Pune, Mumbai & Bengaluru. The Travelling Sushi festival which began on 11th July has 8 special maki rolls specially created by Chef Paul Kinny that are world-inspired. They promise to add a surprise element in each of them, so be prepared to be amazed!

 After creating a stir with the Thai dessert inspired Mango & Sticky Rice Sushi to celebrate International Sushi Day, Shizusan introduces a menu with 8 innovative maki rolls with equal vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. On being asked what’s different in this new menu, Chef Paul Kinny says, “It breaks all boundaries when it comes to choice of ingredients and flavours; this menu is inspired by signature local dishes of various regions and is a result of months of research and experimentation.”

Have a look at this special menu!

Vegetarian (8 pieces)

unnamed (2)

Chiang Mai Uramaki (Avocado, Crunchy Asparagus, Spicy Sriracha Mayo, Bird’s Eye Chilies and Chili Powder) – loved that little spiciness it had!


Mediterranean Roll (Hummus, Z’atar, Zucchini, Young Pickled Spinach and Carrots) – From the region that got us our most favourite health food – hummus – comes the Mediterranean Roll with z’atar, zucchini, young pickled spinach, carrots and creamy hummus (of course!). Just loved this innovation, who would think of hummus and z’atar in a sushi? This one blew my mind away!


Greek Maki (Peppers, Feta, Celery, Daikon, Tzatziki, Dill Mayo and Truffle Oil) – Feta is love! And this sushi took love to a whole new world!

 Italian - Tutto Funghi Uramaki

Tutto Funghi Uramaki (Wild Mushrooms, White Shimeji Tempura, Kewpie Mayo, Snow Peas and Chive Flower) – This was a clear winner for the perfect combination and flavor with the added crispiness


NON Vegetarian (8 pieceS)

Norwegian Salmon Maki

Norwegian Salmon Maki (Smoked Salmon, Sauerkraut, Philadelphia Cheese, Cranberries, Mustard Artichokes and Toasted Sesame) – Had the right blend of sweet and spicy. Plus the creaminess of Philadelphia cheese was a touch of heaven!


Jamaican Roll (Crayfish Tempura, Spicy Jerk Mayo, Activated Charcoal and Agave Rice) – For the carnivores, the menu features The Jamaican Roll that Chef Paul claims to be his personal favourite with the trendyactivated charcoal that gives the sushi a gothcolour and an added health benefit. The sushi is made with crayfish – a South American local seafood – that’s a rare find in India, spicy jerk mayo; the sushi rice which traditionally cooked with rice wine is replaced with tequila here!Sweet, spicy and crunchy this one was!


Sri Lankan Roll (Spicy Crabmeat, Coconut Cream, Sambal, Beetroot Rice and Yam Crisps) – Perfectly flavoured and that hint of the coconut cream was delicious. Wasn’t overpowering the sushi at all.

China - Peking Duck Maki

Peking Duck Maki (Smoked Duck, Hoisin, Sweet Chili Glaze, Cucumber, Crunchy Wanton Strips and Scallions) – Pecking Duck, the signature dish in Beijing, has taken the form of a sushi form in the Shizusan kitchen too.Did not try this one (do not eat this particular meat). But the remaining tasters on the table

 Innovation & flavours are two things that Chef Paul aimed at while curating this menu and they’ve surely ticked both the boxes with these 8 maki rolls that are an ode to world travel. Pair these up with their Asian mocktails for a complete experience of their first ever multi-city festival at Shizusan.

The Travelling Sushi Festival | 11th July onwards | Available at ShizusanPune, Mumbai & Bengaluru


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