The sinful ice cream chain of Mumbai comes to Pune. Welcome IceKraft! IceKraft has already been featured in the “trending this week” collection on Zomato. They have set up three branches located at FC Road, Viman Nagar and Bibewadi with the aim of expanding their reach in the city.

Image 2

The major attraction of this place is that the ice creams are rolled and you can also experience the creation of the ice cream of your choice owing to the well set up live kitchen.

You have the option to “Kraft” your own ice cream starting from the basic selection which only includes a base and a sauce ranging to the premium selection which lets you indulge in all your criminal cravings. You can select from five different bases, five different sauces and a wide variety of toppings. You can also convert any of these ice creams into a thick shake or a freak shake.

Banana bread waffle is beautifully baked with banana stuffing and butterscotch toppings with a Banoffee Pie Ice Cream and will make your taste buds go bananas!  Banana waffles make you nostalgic and crave for a relaxed Sunday brunch! This one definitely stole the thunder. You can order your usual waffles and pancakes as well.

The talk of the town is the activated charcoal ice cream which comes in a luscious black colour. This activated charcoal has various health benefits too so you don’t feel all that guilty. This ice cream is served in a black cone and it includes brownie, chocolate chips, Oreo and Nutella. Who needs rainbows when you have a delicious black icecream!

Another offering of theirs that caught our attention was the Red Velvet Brownie Fries. Eggless brownies dipped in red velvet batter deep fried and served with cream and hot fudge indeed makes a good combination but is quite heavy on your stomach. Some may love it while some may hate it!

Image 3

IceKraft doesn’t only cater to your sweet tooth but also to your savoury side by offering various munchies. They serve sandwiches, fries, sweet corn and they also have a salad bar.

Gone are the days when we used to find rainbow sprinkles, candies and fruits attractive on an ice cream. Now it is time for the dark glamour of IceKraft to take over so do visit this place to experience the ‘Black Monster’ in all its glory!

About the Writer: Yash Dawani is our youngest writer! He loves exploring new cafes and restaurants. He has a keen interest in sports, be it watching or playing. Yash is an enthusiastic kid and has a great interest in learning new things. 

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