Sizzler Festival at Hyatt, Pune

I vividly remember my encounter with this distinct meal.

The aromatic flavors and most importantly the hissing sound, suddenly all eyes are attracted to your table.
Without any guesses, sizzling sizzlers it is!
I ordered sizzlers for the first time during my school days, the reason to call for this unique dish was simple -elder bro did so and I was very good at being the baby sissy!
So,when I was invited for the Sizzler Festival hosted by Hyatt, Pune (Baan Tao and Eighty Eight) was totally excited and this sweet memory was cherished all over again.
Did you know?
Sizzlers were first seen and experimented in California, US sometime in late 1950’s.
Coming to this one, the ambience of this place is amazing- loved the Fish Bowl section- complete paparazzi venue!
We were informed by Chef Sunil about the oriental and continental dishes curated for the tasting event.
Here, unlike the regular sizzler experiences where you have the fries, patties, rice and veggies-some of the items were categorized as what we call-starters and mains.
We started with Kiwi and apple refreshing coolant high on vitamin C.
kiwi-apple mocktail-hyatt
Kiwi & Mint
Corn niblets with sijara chili – a vegetarian delicacy with a tangy smoky flavor was the first starter for the evening. I absolutely love corn in any form- good start!
Crispy Corn
Next was Barbeque fish(basa) not my kinds, but this was loved by many folks. I would have loved soup being served as the weather was just perfect for the same.
Barbeque Fish
Oriental veggie delight was the first sizzler and the highlight of the evening- the assortment of various veggies with noodles, garlic cloves, crushed red chillies, soy sauce was the one that satiated my hunger.
Oriental sizzler-hyatt pune
Veggie Delight
Cajun chicken then made its way- relished the flavors of crushed red peppers, paprika, dried oregano and thyme in this one,but lacked that punch to call this as the perfect one.
cajun chicken-hyatt pune
Cajun Chicken
The wedges served with this one in the chilling weather was the right one to binge on and we went on and on…
This was followed by Fishy-vishy Prawns sizzler with in-house spices,prawns could have been slightly more softer, but went well with good portion of veggies & wedges.
lobster sizzler-hyatt pune
Prawns Sizzler
Caramelized Button mushrooms with pepper seasoning was a nice one- simple and full of flavors!
mushrooms-hyatt pune
While some of us were busy trying to get the perfect snaps- with so much of sizzles around, not an easy job to get the right click.
Many were happy to see the next thing on the table- Sizzling brownie with ice-cream ( too much sizzling no? see, I told you)
Sizzling Brownie
Loved the brownies and the sight of generous amount of chocolate is mind boggling!
Lastly, before we said’ rain rain go away’- mud cakes were served which were quite soft and tasty.
Mud Cakes
In the midst of chaotic traffic, not so awesome mausam- Thank you Team Karma & Hyatt for hosting us.
Important piece of information- The festival is ongoing till the end of this month.

Contributing Writer: Anu Banerjii

Anu is a Bong by genes,Punekar by birth, Media professional by choice and Foodie by heart. Food Blogging for her is not being a critic, but it’s all about relishing the flavours to the fullest, thereby share experience.

Follow Anu’s food journey at-

Drooling photographs on Instagram handle: anu_ka_adda

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