All vegetarian Rajasthani festival at The Orchid Hotel Pune

Travel to the land of camels, mehels and the golden desert as The Orchid Hotel takes you on culinary journey to the land of Maharajas at the all vegetarian Rajasthani Food Festival. Gorge on delicacies such as Daal Baati Churma with extensive varieties, Gatta curry and Ker Sangari. Feast on desserts such as Gond Pak and Churma Ladoo and many more! Come in for the lunch buffet and enjoy an all day access to the pool or indulge in some soulful music and folk dances at the dinner buffet whilst sitting amidst the Rajasthani mehel decor! 
When: July 28 to August 6
Where: Boulevard, The Orchid Hotel, Balewadi 
Call: 7738360381

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