Kebabs, Sufi and more – Kadar Khan’s Sheesha reviewed

Ishanya has been witnessing a lot of launches, be it Zora, Baraza Bar & Bites,  Ashley furniture etc. The latest addition to this Kadar Khan’s Sheesha- a roof top restaurant serving north Indian, Awadhi- Mughlai cuisine.

Chef Kadar Khan is not a new name in hospitality industry; he has not only shown his culinary skills in India but also in several European and West Asian countries and is associated with brands like the Mumbai Taj, Bukhara, Dum Pukht and Delhi Maurya Shereton

He started Sheesha in 2000. Pune’s Sheesha is their sixth outlet. A beautiful open air roof-top restaurant with wooden cabana seatings, soulful music complimented with great food is what this place is. That crowded side of Nagar road, if you are looking for some place peaceful complimented with food and music, Sheesha is the right place for this.

Chef Kadar Khan can add over 350 types of kebabs and has tastefully handpicked the kebabs for Pune Menu. Some of his speciality dishes available in the menu are Tangdi Kulfi, Kadar-e-shaan Ghost, Nalli Barra Kebab, Ghosht Gulauti Kebab amongst the others. Their masalas are prepared in-house and the use of saffron is very prominent in most dishes on the menu. also use of the unique Tandoori style of cooking, which uses coal stones, bringing out the most exquisite flavours in all grilled dishes.

We went for a tasting on a rainy night, good thing they have got the roof temporarily covered!

We tried starters like Cheese Corn Kurkure, Stuffed Dum Aloo Kashmiri, Ghosht Galauti Kebab and the Jhinga Kali Mirch. The Cheese Corn Kurkure was really crunchy with a nice cheesy filling. The Galauti was tender and juicy! The Dum Aloo was slightly burnt, however the chef did come and explain why that flavor.

The mains were to die for! We let the chef decided what to bring on the table. We tried the following.

  • Paneer Kadhai Peshawari – a vegetarian’s delight!
  • Gosht Mughlai – The meat was so tender and the gravy was creamy with the right consistency, what a good combination with roti!
  • Dal Bukhara – This is a must try at Sheesha, we could go on and on with just this dish. Also it tastes great with rotis!
  • Jeera Rice
  • Rotis

We were too full for the desserts. The chef insisted that we try the Awadhi Lasooni Kheer, and then we thought, why not add the Gulab Jamun too. There will always be little space for desserts. The Lahsooni Kheer was something different. What an amazing innovation, never imagined garlic in desserts! A must try, if you like experimenting with flavours! The gulab jamun was soft and had a distinct elaichi flavor in it; what I loved in it was pure saffron!

Kadar Khan’s Sheesha is a must try! Specially if you are looking at some flavorful, comfort Indian food with good music. EX-ITC Chef Kader Khan founding partner of sheesha all the way from Lucknow brings you the different taste of flame whose experience has crossed a silver jubilee. The venue has a soothing vibe due to special properties like Mehfil – e – Qawwali Night, Sufi Night, Unplugged musical nights amongst few others. Talented artists take the stage and entertain guests at the property offering an environment which will create a distinctive dining experience while one explores the finest traditional North Indian cuisine.

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