Tribute to Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) by Anthracite

Linkin Park is one band that music lovers from across genres recognize and relate to. Everybody’s heard ‘In the end’ playing at some bar or café at some point and is one band that is almost single handedly responsible for inducting the 90’s kids into emotional rock music. The band has given us innumerable ingrained hits and unlocked obscure sounds of nu metal and rap metal to unexposed audiences during the early 2000’s. 20th July 2017 was a sad day in the history of rock music, for the world lost one of those pillars who taught most people that there is a whole fraternity of angry rockers and headbangers out there. Linkin Park has been a gateway to rock and metal music for most people who actively follow these genres of music even today.
Chester Bennington, best known as the frontman of ‘Linkin Park’, committed suicide by hanging himself last month. He was 41 years of age and his death has an uncanny coincidence to what would’ve been popular singer and his close friend, Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday; except Cornell committed suicide by hanging himself on 18th May 2017.
From working at a Burger King to being ranked in the Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists by ‘Hit Parader’, a popular American music magazine at that time, Bennington’s musical sensibilities have given the world songs that will be passed on to future generations along with legendary stories of a gorgeous fierce man, covered in tattoos, who wrote soul stirring music exclusively designed for the non-conforming rebel child!
Two recent suicides, both immeasurable losses! We at High Spirits wanna do our bit to help people fighting these tough battles that push them into crossing over to the dark side. We are collaborating with the good folks at Connecting NGO and all proceeds from this show will be forwarded towards suicide awareness, prevention and survivor support programmes run by them. Connecting NGO is a Pune based non profit organization and was established in 2005 by Arnavaz Damania aiming at prevention of suicides. Making money out of someone’s death just didn’t seem right to us and hence, we have decided to pay our respects to Bennington and Cornell by helping people like them who are fighting their daemons everyday. 
Don’t just empathize, come by, support the cause and help us help those in need!
About the Artist:
Anthracite is a 5 member Rap Rock band from Mumbai. A blend of Rap with Rock with electronic elements makes them one of a kind when it comes to bands from India. With fast rap vocal patterns and jumpy-groovy riffs, they give our audiences every opportunity to jump along with them as they go crazy on stage.
The band’s sound is of course influenced by Linkin Park and other bands like Limp Bizkit, System of a Down and Rage Against The Machine.
In Loving Memory Of Chester Charles Bennington (March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017)
Come home to the memories!
Date : Sunday, 13th August 2017
Time : 09:00 PM onwards
Venue: High Spirits Cafe, Koregaon Park, Pune

Entry: Rs. 249 per head

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