Pune gears up to swoon over SANAM at The Westin.

 Pune is soon to witness the magic of India’s ‘Fabulous Four’, the Band SANAM. The festival is presented by ‘Virsaa’ as a step to further its position as leading music festival for the urban youth in the country in its second season. 

To promote this concert, Trustfort Events organised a press conference on Thursday,  August 17, at Belmac Residencies, Wadgaon Sheri. During the conference, the 4-member band,  Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, Venky S & Keshav Dhanraj talked about the distinguished sound and style of the band, blending four different musical influences. SANAM is recognised to revive the dying independent music scene and band culture in India being India’s most popular music artist digitally with maximum YouTube subscriptions crossing 2.4 Million Subscribers and growing steadily. The band so far has recorded and performed songs majorly in Hindi and English as well as a in other languages like Spanish, Bengali and Gujarati. Talking about their YouTube success they said, “Our strong passion and commitment for the music was the driving force behind our success on YouTube. We were never in it for the fame. The fame was a pleasant side effect.”


Being known for reviving retro classics, the band owes it to the special connection with these songs having grown up listening to them. “The lyrics of classic songs are so meaningful and till date have a pull towards them. We wanted to revive these and bridge the gap between these songs and today’s generation,” said Sanam Puri, the lead vocalist. Retro classics like ‘Lag Jaa Gale’, ‘Aap Ki Nazrone Ne Samjha’, ‘Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi’ and ‘Gulabi Aankhen’, are a few songs that SANAM has presented with the soulful lyrics and melodies of the yesteryear hits in the band’s contemporary style. In addition they have released a number of original songs including the song ‘Main Hoon’ for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ that received rave reviews across its multi-language theatre release in India. 


Speaking of its message of spreading love, SANAM believes in creating a change in the society through their music. They recently released a song dedicated to female foeticide.


Virsaa, in its endeavour to introduce the roots of music to today’s generation, is an initiative by Trustfort Events. In its first season Virsaa brought to Pune, Sufi maestros – The Wadali Brothers. They are back yet again with a fresh musical theme in Virsaa 2, to introduce the power of music to a more diverse audience. Presented by Belmac Residences and supported by Ishanya, the concert will be held on August 19, 7.30 pm at The Westin, Pune. 

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