Bubbly Brunch at Fortune Select, Lavasa

Fortune Select, Lavasa has started a limited time Bubbly Brunch in association with Casablanca Wines who have recently introduced Rio Spritzer and some sparkling wines.

Casablanca comes from Good Drop Wine Cellars, a sparkling wine company founded in 2009 by winemaker Ashwin Rodrigues who learned his craft in the Barossa Valley, Australia. Casablanca is India’s first Prosecco style sparkling wine. Internationally, Prosecco is taking the wine world by storm with its fruit forward and approachable style. In India, Good Drop Wine Cellars is the first to bring you a wine made in the same style and method – a wine that is light, easy drinking, full of primary fruit, medium high acidity and with hints of complexity and sweetness.

I was invited for a weekend brunch tasting at Fortune Select Lavasa where Casablanca is serving their spritzers and sparkling wines. Termed as the “Bubbly Brunch”, this offers the sparkling wines and spritzers along with multi-cuisine dishes at Zodiac, the in-house restaurant at Fortune Select.


Lavasa, as a corporation, charges Rs. 200 per two-wheeler and Rs. 400 per four-wheeler as entry charges however intimating the hotel in advance takes care of this. The long journey from Pune to Lavasa was filled with scenic sights and that certainly whet our appetites for the bubbly brunch.

The bubbly brunch is served at Zodiac, an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant at Fortune Select and the wines are prominently displayed as soon as you enter the restaurant. The ambiance of the hotel matches the overall feel and comfort of Lavasa. Overall theme of the restaurant is based on the 12 zodiac signs and there are appropriate markers and artefacts throughout the place to inform and entertain the patrons.


The Rio Spritzers are available in various flavors like Orange & Pineapple, Lemon &Passion and Cranberry. While the sparkling is available in Rosé [Rosé Spumante] and White [Vino Spumante].


The Rosé Spumante is a sparkling wine bursting with fruit and floral notes. Made from the Shiraz grape variety, it is harvested early to provide a crisp acid structure and a lingering finish. Goes well with spicy Thai red chicken, tandoori fish, paella and creamy Italian dishes.


The Vino Spumante is made from a blend of four grape varieties – Chenin Blanc gives it the front palate and aromatics while Sauvignon Blanc adds to its length and crisp acidity. Symphony (a cross between Muscat and Grenache Gris) gives it a floral Muscat nose while Shiraz holds the mid-palate. Each variety contributes in a unique way to produce a fairly light but fruity, aromatic wine of medium-high acidity and contributes to its mysterious character. Goes exceptionally well with mild to medium spiced chicken, fried or grilled fish and light vegetarian dishes.


The Sparkling White was expectedly on the acidic side while the Rosé was a lot smoother. While both wines went well with the brunch on offer, my choice for the day was the Rosé.

The spritzers are akin to the Breezers however with a little more alcohol content, not that I’m complaining. Nice flavors of the fruit with the added zing of bubbles. Tried all three flavors, personally preferred the more traditional cranberry over the more daring combinations of the other two.


While Casablanca provided the ‘bubbly’ in the “Bubbly Brunch”, it was Fortune who hosted the brunch.

An amazing spread of salads and sandwiches is what greets you immediately once you are seated. A huge island right in the middle of the floor isn’t something that can be missed.

Most of the salads were good however the sandwiches had gone cold from being left in the open for long and hence felt a little stale. Among the soft ones, the veg and the chicken cheese sandwiches were noteworthy.

Starters included Doodhiya Kebab, Exotic Veg in Chili Coriander Sauce, Idli and Medu Vada and Spinach Garlic Noodles. Everything from North to South Indian to Asian. A decent spread.

Mains too had a comparable number of options. Gobhi Mutter Masala and KadhaiPaneer represented North Indian cuisine while Pasta Alla Norma was the sole Italian dish.

Non-vegetarian options included Sliced Fish in Plum Sauce, MurghKhadaMasala and Mutton Biryani. The murghkhada masala felt off however the mutton biryani was downright delicious. Lovely steaming basmati rice with generous large chunks of perfectly cooked mutton, this was the best dish of the bubbly brunch, hands down.


The desserts had some decent options in both Indian as well as bakery items. The gulab jamun were served hot and were delicious however the mango soufflé was more like whipped cream meets cough syrup. The Chocolate Brownie and Kiwi Cheesecake had good flavors. The donuts and cupcakes too were nicely baked.

The Bubbly Brunch is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM and is priced at Rs. 1584 and Rs. 2199. For reservations or more details, contact +919096084782.

A big shout out to Anupama for inviting us and Team Zodiac for hosting us.

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