Largo Pizzeria now delivers to Kharadi

I have been in Kharadi for just under 2 years now and have gradually seen the food scene change! Rolls, andhra messes, desi food, desi chinese, biryani- are the main dishes this side of Pune and unfortunately only more of it pop up. Diversity is limited to 5 different kinds of roll stands or 8 different kinds of Dum Biryani caterers. But lately it has been changing to a “high street” vibe with World Trade Center taking center stage with joints such as Krusty’s, Fly High, Effingut and more!

But what the area lacked and still lacks, is a good pizza joint. There is Pizza Hut, Mojo Pizza sure- but that ain’t what you crave for with your beer right? A good thin crust pizza to go with Season 3 of Narcos is what Kharadi was missing. And now happiness comes in the form of Largo Pizza, straight from Mundhwa!

Originally from Viman Nagar, Largo was a small pizza place which has now branched into 4 outlets in Salunke Vihar and Wakad – has a only delivery service servicing the areas of in and around Mundhwa. Their menu pretty much stays the same with 15 varieties each in veg and non veg. I ordered a half and half ( margarita and BBQ licious) a couple of nights ago and here’s what went down.


They have 3 sizes- 16,18 and 20 inch and we got the humongous 20 inch for our voracious night of binge watching and chilling. Which translates to about 10 slices which is more than enough to feed 3 people easily. The pizza was delivered properly in a box in about 1.5 hours ( you are charged for the container). The pizza tasted excellent with good amounts of cheese and topping ( i’ll get to the bad stuff about the toppings in a bit) and was baked to perfection. I could barely finish off 3 slices!

 Here’s the bad part though- Largo has always been a little miserly with the toppings. I ordered the double topping version and found it to be ok- had I ordered just a single topping, hubby would be stranded with just a couple of small pieces of chicken. I have had this problem in the past with them too! Also- the pizza pretty much comes cold to your doorstep, but that’s not their fault- traffic in pune is a pain, and on an average it would take 30 mins to get to Kharadi on a regular night.

 Pizzas start from Rs 480 bucks for a 16 inch version which is super affordable. Am sure this is going to be a hit at the next house party! But remember- they take atleast an hour to deliver, so order in advance. I know I am gonna order at least once a month!

 But I can honestly say that  Largo is what Kharadi was missing! The pizza is delicious and definitely worth the money. Go for the Peppy Peppers ( veg ) and the Paprikan ( non veg) and you won’t be dissapointed.

Contributing Author: Radhika Sharma

A new mommy  to a bubbly baby boy, Radhika Sharma is constantly trying to achieve her #WorkBabyBalance. When not hunting for recipes for the little bub, she spends her time cooking and writing about food. A vegetarian, she cooks  a mean honey roast chicken for the hubby and hopes her boy will be a massive foodie too! 
A media professional with over 14 years of experience spanning major networks in print, television and digital- Pune has been her home for the past 3 years and a spicy misal is her best friend. She is a writer. video producer, a work-from-home mom, a strong believer in the woman and an expert lullaby singer. 
Find her on social media at @imperfectmaa on twitter and instagram and follow her blog on medium.



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