The Magic within Pandora

Nestled within the urban jungle of Nyati Unitree is the new gastrobar, with visually pleasing ambience and a larger than life menu. Giving the illusion of being extremely spacious, Pandora has smart architectural design to thank, with white exteriors and well spaced seating; thus making Pandora look very spacious and comfortable. Inside Pandora, we see a glass wall, making the place feel very chic and spacious. Geometric designs in and around the gastrobar creates a fusion of an earthy contemporary feel and great vibes can be felt in all three areas, i.e. outside, inside and the floor above.

The mesmerizing ambience of Pandora is well complemented with a vibrant menu, differing from the usual monotonous menus. Every page of the menu is filled with variety and the items are well placed, as opposed to the usual cuisine heads. The food at Pandora with a menu curated by Masterchef Ajay Chopra showcases a variety of dishes with a twist of fusion. From replacing the beans in Quesadillas with Pindi Chole, and creating a Tuna Bhel (with all seafood sourced from Mumbai), Pandora’s extensive menu has something for everyone. As admitted by the owner, it’s good to have some drama around food, and we couldn’t agree any more. Cutting Chai Ice-cream (specially made for Pandora), Kala Jamun and Doda Barfi Crumble, and many more, the intention of the organic reach, coupled with funk through fusion, the Menu, including food, mocktails (a bar shall follow soon), and desserts is an assortment of art!

Bringing together a modern culinary experience, with the creators, Ayank Verma, Prashant Shroff and Himanshu Khanna, along with celebrity chef Ajay Chopra, Pandora is a class apart. Playing with the themes of old and new, Pandora provides a one of a kind gastronomic experience to its customers. Chic aesthetics, culinary creativity and authentic flavours set Pandora apart from other joints around.

Since the time of its inception, I have only been thinking of how to create and recreate. Pandora is all about the reincarnation of Indian and world food for me,” says Chef Ajay Chopra.

One amazing thing here is that food is served as small plates or large plates. So you can order your food depending on the number of people in your group.

Now lets come down to what we tried. Lets me tell you, the food you get here is a visual experience too!



Outlook – Pineapple and Saffron – For those of you who enjoy the Zafran flavor in their drink, this is an ideal mix!


Double Lemon – This mocktail had Lemongrass, Lime and Litchi. Such a refreshing blast of flavours.

Puneri Mule – Mango, Litchi and Ginger. This was a favourite and again a refreshing blend of flavours.

There is nothing complicated in their mixology but it is just the knowledge of using the right ingredients in the right quantity. None of the mixes were too sweet and they balanced the taste buds. We can’t wait to try these in cocktails because most of the items on the menu were unlike what you get in any other place.


SPANAKOPITAS – A greek starter, these baked parcels contain spinach and feta cheese which are served with a charred chilli dip

SUNDRIED TOMATO & FALAFEL POCKETS – Bite size pita pockets with Chickpea Galette and Curry Hummus. Now here is the twist; the Indian curry flavor in the hummus was something really different.


HOT BEAN PRAWN ROCKS – Hot bean and chilli tossed king prawns with sriracha aioli – This dish is a star attraction at Pandora. A must try for seafood lovers! The size of the King Prawns was humongous.


GNOCHI ALA FUNGHI – Soft warm potato pillows with porcini mushroom and trufle oil. The mushrooms were cooked right and the warm gnocchi along with them made every bite say –wow!


SRILANKAN CURRY- We ordered the spicy coconut and pandan leaf veg srilankan curry which was served with cabbage coconut rice. They have this dish in fish and prawns. For those of you who has a palette for coconut based food, this is perfect!

PHIRNI PARFAIT -Classic parfait with phirni and seasonal fruits. There was such an amazing drama before we started consuming this dessert. Such a pleasure watching the rose flower which is dipped in dry ice being crushed over the dessert. One must never miss this experience at Pandora.


HAZLENUT AND SALTED CARAMEL MOELLEUX- this was a beauty to look at. Again such blast of flavours. The saltiness of the caramel enhanced the tasting of the dessert.

RED VELVET ICE CREAM- Such impressive visual experience each dessert brings on the table You will definitely be able to woo your date by ordering these.

Pandora Gastronomy and Bar is a must visit place in Pune which not only offers fabulous food and drinks, but also an amazing experience!

PS: You might feel like taking their cutleries home, as they are gorgeous!


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