Punjabi Food Festival at Eighty Eight – Hyatt Pune

Everybody loves Punjabi Food! We all crave for that authentic Butter Chicken or Rajma Chawal at some point. We have never found a place in Pune that serves the perfect butter chicken!

Hyatt Pune has brought in Chef Ashish Sharma all the way from Hyatt Amritsar to fill that void of enjoying authentic Punjabi Cuisine. You will understand his passion for cooking by the way he speaks about Punjabi food. When asked, Chef mentioned that he has been seeing his mom cook since his childhood and has learnt from her. You will feel the taste of a home cooked meal here.

Chef Ashish says that till the time the food isn’t cooked spicy and flavoursome, we don’t feel like we have eaten! The Chef has been with Hyatt since the last 12 years and he has successfully conducted this festival in Mumbai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Ahmedabad etc and by now knows what people love to eat. Also this is ‘ghar ka khaana’.

The Chef had this happiness on his face when he was speaking about his hometown and the food!

Anardana, Chaat Masala, Dhania, Hari Mirch are some of the key ingredients of Punjabi food. Ghee and mustard oil are used while cooking. For the love of Chaaps, Tikkas, Lassis, Kulchas and many more, one shouldn’t miss this festival! We love it when hotels take that extra effort to bring in authenticity in what they plan. The best example is this. It actually felt like we were eating in Punjab.

As you walk in you see the entire restaurant is prepped up to welcome you for this festival. The staffs are dressed up in typical Punjabi attire and even the décor catches all the elements.

Getting down to what we tried –

The welcome drink was Gulabi Lassi – this was loaded with almond slivers – YUMMY!

The starters list was huge! There was Soya Malai Chaap, Bhutte ke Kebab, Bun Tikki, Crystal Chawk ka Murg Tikka, Machi Amritsari, Keema Pav. All of them were just amazing. We did make it a point to remember that we need to keep space for the main course (had taken a sneak peak of it and they looked rich and delicious)

Bhutte ka Kebab
Fish Amritsari
Tandoori Chaap
Bun Tikki
Fish Amritsari
Chicken Tandoori

Main Course (Drooling already)

We first tried the Sarson ka Saag which was topped with dollops of white butter and Makke di Roti. This was heaven!

Next round was Chole and kulche (aloo stuffed) with imli chutney.I have never tasted such yummy kulche ever.

The Butter Chicken was my favourite! This I could keep hogging on and on. Rich and creamy!


Butter Chicken
Mutton Curry

The other items on the buffet was the Dhaba style Mutton curry, Amritsari Fish Curry, Aloo Gobi, Palak Paneer, Jeera Rice etc.

The desserts had the Moong Dal Halwa, Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai etc… Mouth Watering!

All in all, a soul satisfying experience. The tummy was happy!

A must try food festival this one is!


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