Love happens once again, at Indigo Deli, Koregaon Park

Our favorite, Indigo Deli has opened up their 10th outlet in India, in Koregaon Park. This is one of those places that we keep speaking about again and again because we can never get over the food and ambience here. What we see here is perfection to the next level.

We are generally not biased, but this one is an exception. Everything on the menu, the look of the place, the way you are catered to etc is just perfect. Dining here is an experience.

Few months ago, when the chef casually mentioned to us that they are opening another outlet in Pune, the inner child in me was jumping with joy. To be honest, much before they came up the official announcement, we went around telling almost everybody.  This location caters best even to that audience who stays at the other end of town and cannot go all the way to Viman Nagar.

This 70 seater, spread across 2000 sq. ft. (including the kitchen), is smartly designed to maximize the space, with the focal point being the interactive bar, laced with seating through the remaining area of the restaurant. The restaurant is laden with windows across an entire stretch, which allows diners to enjoy a meal while watching the hustle & bustle of the locality outside.

Chef Kedar Bobade who has recently joined Degustibus Hospitality as Corporate Executive Chef, says – “Over the years the dynamics of the Pune market have changed in great way, especially the food industry. At deGustibus Hospitality we take pride in opening our second outlet in this dynamic city, bringing in the legacy of a brand that stands for both classics and innovation alike. Personally, I am the latest addition to this family and am looking forward to take this brand ahead with uncomplicated food and an international flare. As I always say ‘A Chef is the only artist who has the ability to touch all human senses’; so come by and pull up a chair for a delicious meal.”

A unique feature at the Indigo Delis, will be the daily changing specials menu, which will be curated and designed by the head chef at Pune. Chef Tushar Deshpande, Sous Chef – Indigo Deli Pune says, “Once again, it’s an honor for us to open our newest outlet in one of the oldest and prettiest places in Pune – Koregaon Park. The competition and challenges may be a lot more here, but having said that, Pune now recognizes us as a serious brand doing contemporary western cuisine. Many thanks to Degustibus Hospitality, that they have once again given me a chance to be a part of something unique, which is close to my heart.”


‘Think global, eat local’ remains a paradigm for the menu that boasts the much-loved selection of sandwiches, salads, pastas, light meals, and such; a wide range of scrumptious desserts; a bevy of handcrafted cocktails and other beverages and a daily changing, “specials” menu. Good food served well, each dish at this all-day eatery has a story to tell. From the Rueben Sandwich where the Pastrami is made in-house and the meat cured over 21 days; to the best-selling BBQ Pork Ribs with the right hints of smoky, spicy and sweet and the homemade ice creams created using age-old recipes. The menu includes other all-time favorites like the Deli Roast Chicken, Eggs Benedict, and the signature Citrus Salad or the Corn Crusted Potato and Jalapeno Burger. The thin crust pizzas are a Deli specialty – with the crispiest crust and an assortment of the yummiest toppings. Finally, indulge your sweet tooth, with the most delicious Crème Brulee or the Chocolate Mud Cake or Chocolate Ganache that will truly leave a lasting impression. There will also be a few dishes specifically curated for this restaurant, which will feature on the daily specials menu.

We went to try out the all new Indigo Deli a day after their official launch and guess what! They already had a long queue outside. The place was packed, every table was full. If this is the situation over a weekday, I do not even want to imagine how their weekends are. You definitely cannot miss this corner in KP.

This outlet has a very different look and feel as compared to the one in Phoenix. They have added a bit of color (blues and yellows) to the otherwise warm material palette of rustic browns and warm lighting. This one has a younger avatar with central bar and interesting space design. The big circular lighting on the ceiling kept me mesmerized. Indigo Deli entered Pune in November last year and has left a lasting impression since then. The food is so good here that you cannot put it in words.

Like how we mentioned in our earlier blog, the fun part here is that they have a day special menu for every day of the year. This just builds up the surprise element. Any day that you walk into Indigo Deli, you know they have a different menu in the Day Specials.

Coming down to what we tried.

The salad of the day was Kale, fennel, apple, dried cranberries and candied walnuts in honey lemon dressing-feta: The kale was fresh and crisp and each leaf was perfectly coated with the dressing. The candied walnuts, oh my favorite! – Just adds that perfect crunch to the salad.

The salad was followed by soup which was lima beans with wilted kale and chili oil with smoked chicken: I loved the creaminess of the soup and that chili in it just added to the perfect spice. I had never tried lima beans soup before but the chef assured that this is something different, do try! Well you know what, he was right!

Then came the favorite part – those wafer thin pizzas! We tried a half and half with the three smoked peppers and three cheese pizza on one side and a smoked chicken with mild cheddar pizza on the other side. This is Heaven- wafer thin crust, smoked pepper, spicy bhavnagiri chilies, melt-in-the-mouth cheese, perfectly barbecued chicken and everything else that was there on the pizza!

Our tummies were already full as between the two of us, we almost finished the pizza but who can stop gorgeous food from coming over to your table at Indigo deli? And so we awaited the mains.

We tried these

The seafood linguini with smoked chili tomato broth and herbed crumbs– the seafood was perfectly cooked, loved it especially the smoked flavor in it!

My friend tried the cilantro-lemongrass steamed rawas with buttered lentils, bok choy and raw mango curry – this dish looked so beautiful. The fish was steamed so well and the raw mango curry just uplifted the taste buds.

The chef recommended tenderloin (pork) to my friend. I saw sparkle in her eyes the moment she put the first bite in her mouth. This was served with big potatoes and red wine & raisin jus.

Last but not the least, DESSERTS! By now I know everything on their dessert menu, but still a mandatory walk to the dessert counter was made. They are just so good to look at. Even though I wanted to try something new, my heart was still stuck on the Chocolate layered Almond Cake. I can never get over this one!

We also tried the flourless chocolate cake with real bean vanilla ice cream. You cannot stop with a bite. It was so gooey and taking a bite of that along with the vanilla ice-cream was sheer bliss.

We also has the Dulce de Leche ice-cream, always loved this one for the caramel taste and the creaminess!

By now we had already made our plans of when to visit again.

It is always fun catching up with Chef Tushar. His love for food is seen in the way he passionately dishes out each and every item on the menu. He is always open to customizing his dishes incase if there is a special preference. If that cannot be done, he always gives a suggestion on what can be tried (which always turns out to be perfect) or else he will create something out of the world!

A must visit place in Pune for soul satisfying food!


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