What to look for in your area before you rent?

When I moved to Pune 3 years ago, I never thought i’d like the city so much. My first love and still is Viman Nagar where I spent a year feeding on the best of chaat, chinese, desi, kebabs and what not. So much so , that when I moved to Kharadi, I was pretty disappointed at first as there was hardly anything other than biryanis to eat! Don’t you think food plays a very important roll in your living and renting? So if you are a foodie, then here is your guide to moving houses in Pune!

There must be one killer Pani Puri Wala not more than 100 metres from your place – Chaat is essential- wait let me rephrase that, PANIPURI IS ESSENTIAL. And you must have access to one at all times for hunger pangs, after walk food, bored at home- it must always be available. You should be able to hop, skip, jump into some delicious paani.

 A good desi chinese delivery joint – which serves till 3 am – After a good night out with copious amounts of alcohol, nothing hits home like a good ol’ plate of desi chinese. A midnight delivery for all those after party indulgence is key to existing in a new joint. They must know how to make schezwan noodles which will leave you in a food coma and not skimp on giving extra sauce by the bucketloads.

 Midnight alcohol wala, who also delivers the chakna – House party scenes are the best scenes. And no party is complete without some Old Monk, beer and vodka! Make doubly sure that alcohol delivery comes right to your doorstep and gives you service such as picking up chakna on the way too! What’s beer without some budhani wafers too right? Crunch to chahiye hi na boss!

 At least one decent pizza joint – I had a massive problem when I moved to Kharadi, there was no good pizza places at all. I am not a big fan of the chains- i like thin crusted unique flavors. So even if the pizzas are small, you gotta have a pizza joint closeby for movie nights. Pizza solves all problems in life, and it must be accessible at all times!

 One good udipi which serves a mean Mysore masala – No sunday is complete without a trip to an udipi to feast on a cheese mysore with extra chutney, hot piping medu vada and a ghee rava dosa! Cheap food at its ultimate best, it should serve great pav bhaji and juices too! Sometimes all the heart wants is a good ol dosa, nice and crisp.

 And finally- nothing is complete with a good brownie – A bakery with the best of desserts such as simple brownies and cakes, is crucial at the end of a very long day. Imagine a melting brownie with some ice cream- uff, all your troubles will just fade away! Absolutely needed for late night sweet tooths!


Contributing Author: Radhika Sharma

A new mommy  to a bubbly baby boy, Radhika Sharma is constantly trying to achieve her #WorkBabyBalance. When not hunting for recipes for the little bub, she spends her time cooking and writing about food. A vegetarian, she cooks  a mean honey roast chicken for the hubby and hopes her boy will be a massive foodie too! 
A media professional with over 14 years of experience spanning major networks in print, television and digital- Pune has been her home for the past 3 years and a spicy misal is her best friend. She is a writer. video producer, a work-from-home mom, a strong believer in the woman and an expert lullaby singer. 
Find her on social media at @imperfectmaa on twitter and instagram and follow her blog on medium.

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