Pune, it’s time to call the shots

How do you define the union between entertainment and sports?

 Spread across 30,000 square feet and home to a massive sports zone, gaming arena, bar & restaurant; All Rounder Shots is re-defining how Pune play and this place officially opens for Pune on 27th October! 

 The man behind the idea, Sharad Sharan has been a pioneer for the South East Asian media. Thriving on pure innovation, Sharad sets foot in India again, after weighing the potential of the Indian entertainment market. His main focus lies in the introduction of innovative entertainment centers, making it economical for everyone. 

shots presentation 03-

Sharad’s first Indian endeavour into sports began back in 2010, with the launch of Dream Sports Fields, Mumbai. Since then, the arena has seen success in the form of fully booked days and major events conducted by Vodafone, JP Morgan and Citibank to name a few.

All Rounder Shots is equipped with advanced virtual reality, sports and gaming technologies. Visitors are spoilt with unmatchable choices and offers. It will introduce innovative games such as Neon Futsal, an invincible robo-keeper goalie and 21 other virtual reality games. 

Keeping pace with the massive cricket fan following, the center connects enthusiasts to a world of virtual cricket. It will introduce nets with sensors for advanced statistics and live analysis for those seeking to fine tune their abilities. 


The venue is your go-to destination for the most happening gigs, parties, gourmet delights by master-chefs and fancy drinks to sip on!

So, Pune, the exhilarating evolution of sports and entertainment is arriving, are you ready to get high on life?


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