Pune Invitational Supercross promises to enthrall audiences

  • New format and new team promises to be a nail biting affair
  • Three days of pulsating racing with a mix of glamour &glitz
  • Top notch national and international riders to participate in the fourth edition of Pune Invitational Supercross League

The wait for the most awaited supercross event in India is finally over as the Vilo Events today officially announced the launch of fourth edition of the Pune Invitational Supercross League 2017.

The fourth edition of the league with a new look and format will be held on November 17th, 18th & 19th at Royal Palms, Mundhwa. The track is indigenously and wholly prepared by the VILO Events team.  This year the league offers to be a mega event which promises to revolutionize the sport of motocross and supercross in India. The riders will ride six motos over the three days.International riders will set the tracks on fire along with top level Indian racers for the highest honors. Team riders will get points as per the performance at each round. Points will be given for each of the races. The total tally of the points will decide the winner. This format gives the overall championship a great competitive edge.The auction will be held on November 3rd in Pune.

The event will be mix of glitz and glamour and will be called “Great Indian Supercross Festival”. With freestyle motocross shows every afternoon, food stalls, exhibits, product launches, music, performances & supercross models. The three-day action-packed event will showcase some of the best brands, artists and racers.

The Pune Invitational Supercross League is the largest and the most talked about supercross event in India and the first of its kind franchise-based league format in supercross racing event in the world. Modelled on cricket’s popular Indian Premier League (IPL), the Pune Invitational Supercross League, aims to change the face of the sport which is gaining huge popularity. A total of 53 national riders and 11 international riders will be part of league and will compete against each other for the top honors. The event also witness two free style demo riders. Teams for this year which have confirmed their participation are defending champions Bhalla Royale, INK Racing, P B Racing, Team Greeshm and Lilleria Motorsports.

Young and talented rider Rugved Barguje will be the face of Pune in the competition amongst top notch riders like Harith Noah, V.S Naresh and R Natraj. The major attraction this year would be the junior section which would witness fierce competition between aspiring and talented riders like – Yuvraj Kondhe, Karan Karle, Ikshan Shanbag, Sarthak Chavan & the only female rider Tanika Shanbhag.

To add glamour to the sport and the oomph factor to the event, eight supercrossgirls have been selected after round of auditions and will be official board girls for the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Eeshan Lokhande, former international rider and Event Director & Partner, Vilo Events said, “Supercross as sport in India is once again gaining popularity. Pune has always been the mecca of supercross and our endeavor is to carry the legacy forward. The new format promises to excite everyone and would further entertain the crowds which has witnessed constant growth. Today packaging sports event is the need of the hour to grab more eyeballs and at the same time keep the people engaged. The main aim is to give people a dose of pulsating racing and entertainment at the same place and at the same time.”

Mr. Eeshan Lokhande further added, “It’s time to give the riders and spectators along with the sponsor a better platform for racing. Good tracks, facilities, vide range of branding for sponsors and last but not the least a lot of respect to the riders, Pune Invitational Supercross League promises to do the same. We are really thankful to our sponsors, event partners and the fraternity for all their help and support. We are confident that this year’s league with a new format and with special elements will set a new bench mark and will revolutionize the sport in India.”  

The Pune Invitational Supercross League is held under the aegis of The Federation of Motor Sports Club of India (FMSCI) and organized under the guidance of the Indian and International Federation rules and regulations.

SX – 1 Group ‘A’ INDIAN Pro – Class -1 Foreign motorcycles up to 500cc – 2&4 Stroke.
SX – 2 Group ‘A’ INDIAN RIDERS Foreign Experts– Class-2 Foreign motorcycles up to 500cc – 2&4 Stroke.
SX – 3 Group ‘C’ Class – 3 INDIAN RIDERS Indian Motorcycles up to 260cc – 2&4 Stroke. INDIAN Experts.
SX- J Juniors Group “A” Class 4 INDIAN RIDERS Under 15 years upto250cc 2&4 Stroke

SX Class – Group ‘A’  International RIDERS – Class-5 Foreign motorcycles up to 500cc – 2&4 Stroke


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