Experiments with three-wheeled motorcycles; two up front and one at the back are aplenty. There have been many ranging from Peugeot and Piaggio to Can-Am offerings. Even Honda and Yamaha took concept routes to explore these. Check out the Yamaha MWT-09 concept below –


And now the above concept has become a reality, enter Yamaha NIKKEN. First things first, details few and we’ll have to wait till EICMA next month for some official dope, but by the looks of it, this seems to be heavily based on the Yamaha MT09 street bike. The ‘CP3’ engraving on the crankcase is a giveaway…


In Yamaha’s official release, the trike is described as a ‘large-displacement Leaning Multi-Wheeler (LMW). It is powered by a liquid-cooled, in-line, three-cylinder engine. This model is equipped with LMW technology to reduce the effects of changing ride environments and to deliver a high feeling of stability when cornering. It achieves excellent performance for spirited and sporty riding on various road surfaces and the capability to freely carve through the continuous corners on winding roads. The body design makes full use of the unprecedented front-end suspension mechanism, pairing 15-inch front wheels with dual-tube upside-down forks that visually accentuate the machine’s sporty performance and create a high-quality look and feel at the same time. New Yamaha NIKEN. Ride the Revolution.’ 


So, what you get is a quirky ‘LMW’ powered by a 847cc triple sending over 100 bhp to the rear wheel while two wheels held by dual tube USD forks up front make sure you lean into every corner coming your way, just like a conventional bike.

My only question remains, “Do you need an extra wheel to have fun?”


Contributing Author : Vijayendra Vikram Singh

He started his writing career with OVERDRIVE, India’s premier automobile magazine in 2005 as a trainee correspondent. His next stint was with Oncars India (online), the Indian arm of America’s Oncars.com, where he was responsible for the website content and also doing video reviews of cars. Then came TopGear Malaysia where he served as the Associate Editor and also contributed to TopGear.com and ON THE ROAD Magazine.

Although he loves cars, the big ones, he remain a biker at heart and love to ride to the horizon and alone most of the time. He has also done some really long trips across India on both superbikes as well as domestic small capacity bikes. Apart from that, he has an eye for latest gadgets, blockbusters and a never ending fetish for clothes.

Find him on social media at @vvikram on Twitter and Instagram

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