One World One Music feat. Many Roots Ensemble Live!

Catch ‘Many Roots Ensemble’ live as part of the Vasudhaiva Ride and ‘The Biharmony Fundraiser’ series of benefit events – Fundraiser event in aid of creating resilient, self-reliant housing and a future skills training centre in Arrah, Bihar.

In 2016 Prashant Kumar and Ben Reid-Howells left their work, homes and lives behind to set out on the Vasudhaiva Ride: a two-year series of projects for peace, sustainable living and community wellbeing.

These two brothers are inspired by the notion of the world as one family, and in a time when many young people seem to be giving up on the state of the world, they want to show people the stories of good, and provide resources for people to connect across borders and get involved in making their community a healthier, more inclusive and sustainable place.

Since setting out from Pune, they have worked towards accessible education in inner-city Bombay, they have built a model home for 1 Lakh INR for low-income families in Rajasthan, and they are now five months into the Bihar Project: creating a prototype for resilient, self-reliant housing and a future skills training centre in Arrah, Bihar.

Soon they’ll be setting out on the international leg of the ride, into Nepal to work with the Himalayan Climate Initiative for Project No. 4. But they need help! With no ties to any NGO, corporate or government, Prashant and Ben are running on community support. To keep the work and journey going, they’re setting out across India to put on benefit concerts for the Bihar Project and the work ahead.

So come out, support a good cause, share the vision of One world, One family, and join the Vasudhaiva Ride!!

It’s events like this that bring the music community together for a great cause, give us hope for the future and remind “us that anything is possible with the power of music.

Where – Euriska, Koregaon Park Annexe
When – 8th November
Time – 8:30 pm – 12:30 am

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