The Indonesian Food Festival at Baan Tao

Indonesia comprises of multiple islands and each island has a unique cuisine. Balinese Cuisine is something that is filled with intense flavours. Baan Tao at Hyatt, Pune is the place for you if you want to try out this cuisine. We were here for a tasting few days ago.

Their Rendangs, Nasi Gorengs and Satays find a prominent spot in 50 most delicious food across the world. Now we have a special love for such cuisines because of its close relations with the Indian cuisine.

Balinese cuisine is one of Indonesia’s most iconic cuisine. The main ingredients used in Balinese cooking includes shallots, chillies, turmeric, lemongrass and galangal. Coconut is a staple in Balinese cooking too and used in various forms including coconut oil for cooking, desiccated coconut in salad and desert or coconut milk. Balanus food has to be prepared using the freshest ingredients to ensure quality. Food preparation is a long process as one dish requires many ingredients and each ingredient may be processed in different manners (grind, fried, mashed etc). The result of this beautiful long process is a fragrant,colourful, rich dish.

And to enjoy this cuisine at Baan Tao is a different experience all together. Hyatt Pune has flown in Chef Nyoman Sudiarta from Grand Hyatt,Bali to bring in an authentic experience of Balinese cuisine to Punekars. A lot of spices used in Indonesian cuisine cannot be found here, so the chef has got the spices all the way from Bali to bring in that authenticity in the flavours. Most of these key ingredients are slowly ground using a stone to make a paste and this forms the base of many dishes of Balinese cuisine.

Baan Tao has also curated a set of cocktails and mocktails specially for the Indonesian food festival

Moving on to what all we tried

Gado Gado


Gado Gado– very popular salad of the balinese cuisine, this consists of steamed vegetables, carrot, cabbage, beansprout, long been tofu, bean curd , egg, peanut sauce and spinach. The prawn crackers that come along with them are delicious.

Lawar Kacang Panjang


Lawar Kacang Panjang- this is a very traditional salad from Bali. Every village in Bali has their own version of making this salad. It is made out of Long beans, minced chicken, grated coconut and balinese bumbu spice. This was a very refreshing salad and one of our favourite.

Next comes the appetisers, which was filled with a variety of satays, which as mentioned earlier Indonesia is famous for. The prawns and fish satays will melt in the mouth. When asked the chef he said that the prawns or fish are ground in the spices. These are skewered onto the bamboo or lemongrass sticks using a rotating technique unlike the way we do kebabs here. The seafood satays were brilliant. The starters are generally served with peanut sauce. The vegetarian option available here is a Tahu Sate which is a tofu satay.

Sate Lilit Udang – Prawns Satay


Sate Daging – Lamb Satay
Sate Lilit Ikan – Fish Mince Satay


Other than the satays you also get the Sambal Goreng Sayur which is vegetables tossed with sambal olek sauce.

There are three options available in soups here

Soto Ayam

Soto Ayam – clear chicken soup, rice noodles, cabbage, beansprouts, eggs, shredded chicken, celery, fried shallots, koya powder and sambal

Sari Segara

Sari Segara – seafood soup, clam, calamari, prawns, fish, lemongrass, lemon leaves, fried shallots, potatoes and beans – this one had a great flavour.

Soto Sayur– assorted vegetables, rice noodles, celery, fried shallots and sambal

We’ve already so filled up because of the variety of appetisers and soups. But how can someone resist when they see Nasi Goreng and Balinese Lamb Curry on the menu.

There was of course the balinese vegetable curry for the vegetarians, but that lamb curry just stole my heart away. The non vegetarian curries are generally made from a paste which has ingredients like shrimp, kencur, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, ginger etc. On the menu there is also Mie Goreng which is basically fried noodles that are tossed with either vegetables, chicken or prawns.

Nasi Goreng

The Nasi Goreng looked beautiful with lamb satay and chicken on the sides.

Ikan Bakar

We tried the Ikan Bakar which is grilled fish with sweet soya, chilli sambal, eggplant balado and steamed white rice.

Ayam Bakar

You also get the Ayam Bakar on the main course, which is grilled marinated chicken with raw vegetables, eggplant balado and steamed white rice.

Bubur Injin

For desserts we had the Bubur Injin which is a black sticky rice pudding with coconut milk. This wasn’t heavy on the stomach and has a very pleasant flavour.

So what are you waiting for. Head out to Pune’s first ever Indonesian Food Festival at Baan Tao, Hyatt, Pune.

When – November 21 to December 5 (lunch and dinner)

Contact- 8806751234

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