Funny Side Up feat. Anirban Dasgupta

Another laughter riot beckons right here at #Euriska. This Wednesday, 29th November, catch the infamous Anirban Dasgupta live once again right here at Euriska! 😀

Yummy munchies from our world cuisine menu, lip-smacking cocktails, Laughter echoing across the venue, and that classic Euriska vibe.

Don’t miss out! Grab your tickets at Insider!


For more information, call +91 90491 59911. #Pune

Anirban Dasgupta:
A Bengali who decided to get married at the age of 24 (he really couldn’t wait to settle down), Anirban Dasgupta is a Kolkata-based engineer turned comedian who has made a career out of making hasty decisions (becoming a stand-up comedian being another one). He was of the founders of Comedified, one of the first legit comedy groups of Kolkata, and was instrumental in establishing a comedy scene in the sleepy city. With jokes, puns and sketches based on stories from his personal life, on stage, he likes to about his inter-community marriage, corporate life, politics (being Bengali), social media and various current affairs. If you see him after a show, offer him something sweet and he might tell you a few extra jokes!

When: 29th November 2017
Where: Euriska, Koregaon Park

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