Roghandaaz – The Delivery Kitchen! Strictly Non-Vegetarian

They say a picture says a thousand words. But in this case the picture created such beautiful cravings in the tummy that one could even imagine!

All this started with seeing the name ‘Roghandaaz’ and it intrigued me. Then I came across an array of their food pictures – Oh My God!  Such visual delight was the food pictures that the next thing we did, was to place the order! I remember picking up the phone and calling Aliya (the owner of Roghandaaz and one of my favorite food bloggers in the city), telling her that the menu and their pictures just made me drool and place an order NOW!  We did not have the patience to even wait for a day. To top it all the entire team at Pune Nightlife is a bunch of meat lovers and food from Roghandaaz is PURE NON VEGETARIAN.

The menu had names like Lahori Murgh, Murgh Shahi Korma, Gosht Ishtew, Kofta Qadeem, Qaliya, Haleem, Yakhni Pulao, Sheer Sewai and more! All the items on the menu were prepared from rare and lost recipes that have passed on from generations in the family. Now after knowing all this, who can hold themselves?


Their legacy is inspired greatly by Urdu speaking lands including Pakistan and so is their brand name! Roghandaaz means ‘frying pan’ in Urdu. This term was commonly used at Aliya’s place especially by her Naani. Urdu culture is fading but Aliya’s family still has these terms in parlance at home at least. All these are the reasons why they don’t call their Haleem or Biryani as Hyderabadi or Awadhi. They are termed as nomadic!

 Love for food and cooking runs in Aliya’s family. The ladies in the earlier generation were practically trained under professional Khansamas or Chefs before they got married. That was a ritual which later translated to documenting each of these rare, also some lost recipes in notebooks etc and the script of this is Urdu. These recipes were taught to the following generations and have thus been passed on. Some are documented while others learnt by rote. Team Roghandaaz have tried to follow the authentic recipes and have self taught the cooks working in their team. The authenticity lies more in the method of preparation than the ingredients.

We ordered a portion of the Lahori Murgh, Murgh Kababi and 2 portions of Sheer Sewai. It was really sweet of Aliya to send us Gosht Ishtew and another portion of Lahori Murgh from their end. This was one day where we eagerly waited for the food!

The food arrived on time. The packaging was so perfect with no spillage. Each and every item was neatly labeled, with cutleries to go with it. A lot speaks about a product when good ideation and creativity has gone into the branding. It shows the passion of the people behind it.

Each and every item that we ordered had a distinct flavor to it and we love such food. The most important thing here is a lot of love and patience has gone into making these dishes. They have a limited menu and there are no Indian breads or plain rice to go with it (that really doesn’t matter). The menu has a mix of Mughlai, East Indian and North West Frontier cuisine. Roghandaaz is inspired by the culinary culture and practices across the plains and over the mountains.

Getting down to what we tried.

Lahori Murgh –A specialty at Roghandaaz, this is chicken cooked in a rich cashew based gravy, finished with tri-colored bell peppers and dried fenugreek. A colorful dish and what flavor!


 Murgh Kababi – Boneless chicken prepared in an authentic kabab marination of mustard oil and hung curd. This was my personal favorite.


Gosht Ishtew – Slow cooked mutton in a thick onion based gravy. This dish is a complete waterless preparation and again one of their specialties.

The final one of this day was the Sheer Sewai, a concoction of thickened milk and roasted sewai, garnished with dry fruits. You can’t stop with just one helping here; I can keep ordering this every now and then.


The story doesn’t end here…. All this made us do another order. This time it was the Mutton Biryani, Murgh Shahi Korma and Kofta Qadeem.


The biryani was yummilicious with some really big pieces of mutton. The korma had a perfect balance of flavors. The Kofta Qadeem had really juicy mutton meatballs in it, with a nice peppery flavor.


You see new places being opened every now and then. But something that we really need to appreciate here is the passion that certain people have in bringing to the consumers something that is different. In this case, something that is lost and rare. The old India had rich non vegetarian cuisines and team Roghandaaz has taken this special effort to bring some of the recipes back. Kudos!

Good news is here again! Team Roghandaaz has just announced their WINTER MENU.

There is the Nalli Nihari (Rs 1100 per kg) which is a broth prepared with goat meat and bone marrow. A traditional recipe from their family cookbook now available on pre-orders. This is something lovely to savour during the winters.

nalli nihari

Back in the days, meat used to be used to prepare desserts too. Let the carnivore in you explore the world of lost recipes with Chicken Laddu (Rs 350 per box) and Egg Katli (Rs 400 per box). We can’t wait to get our hands on these wonderful dishes!

Please note that you can place your orders by using ‘Dial-a-meal’. Team Roghandaaz is a delivery only kitchen that operates out of NIBM area and delivers across Pune and PCMC. One day prior intimation is required to get the winter menu. Otherwise for the regular menu, orders can be place 2-3 hours in advance. The orders for biryani are to be placed 12 hours in advance. You can be rest assured that you will be served fresh food!

We are  placing an order tomorrow itself, as writing this article has got us craving for more!

PS: We have taken pictures from Roghandaaz’s facebook page. The food was so droolworthy that we couldn’t stop to take blog worthy pictures. J

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