Happy Planet opens Pune’s largest indoor active play park

Children and the young-at-heart of Pune now have a reason to cheer! Happy Planet, which has been spreading smiles and joy for the past eight years, is all set to open doors to Punekars. All roads will now lead up to Phoenix Market City as the mega 6000 sq. ft. space opens today.

IMG_1Nimish Kenia & Mehul Masrani, Founders of Happy Planet at their launch at Phoenix Marketcity, Pune

Happy Planet aims at spreading smiles across the country by bringing the great outdoors, indoors. The place is buoyed by the philosophy that Freedom is the single biggest experience that each child must enjoy – Freedom to play and Freedom to choose the play are important aspects of overall growth and development. That is precisely what Happy Planet endeavours to offer within the precinct.

Speaking at the launch, Nimish Kenia, co-founder of Happy Planet said, “Our vision is to create a secure space where children and young adults can be a part of interesting and challenging games designed to develop one’s character and personality. Through tasks such as trampolines, zipline, obstacle courses, challenging rope walks and so on, we believe the child develops a keen sense of competition and team spirit.”

“Pune is a melting pot of people from across the country who have now made this vibrant city home. Yet, there are not ample options for indoor recreational activities while the potential clearly is there. With Happy Planet, we are confident that the audience will enjoy the space and play-outs will become a more sought after location within the city for children, parents, grandparents anybody else who is looking to have an invigorating time – mentally and in play.”

Since opening in 2010, Happy Planet Mumbai has welcomed almost two lakh children into its playpark and hosted more than 1,000 birthday parties in its various spaces. It was a keen understanding of the mindset of the Punekar and sensing the lacuna that existed in such entertainment options that prompted the Happy Planet team to set up this ambitious project in Pune.


The Pune outpost boasts of several firsts at Happy Planet:

1) Largest ever multi-activity place in Pune
2) First indoor zipline in Pune
3) First trampoline park in Pune
4) Multi-level aerial adventure in Pune

Additionally, there are a host of games to keep the children occupied including the twin level aerial adventure [rope course], trampoline park, zip line, sand pit, a dynamic combination of fast steep slide and Ninja obstacle course, elevated kiddy futball turf, and so on.


“While children are walking in to enjoy a good evening, we have designed the space at Happy Planet to curate interesting activities for children celebrating a special day. It in fact, also houses a few activities for the parents or grown-ups who might pass by the area. We strongly believe that we are in the business of bringing smiles and joys to families, and we try to live upto it each day.” signed off Kenia.

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