Christmas is Coming!

 It’s December, while some people may not relate to your excitement. You know deep down in your heart that “this sure is the best time of the year”. If you just cannot stop thinking about the cake, cookies, lights and decorations this article is for you. Below are 10 signs that you’ve started your Christmas countdown.

  1. You did not wait for December to start decorating your house. Your lights were already out in October.
  2. You have started to with baking and eating more than you should be. But who cares it’s “Christmas”


  3. You cannot stop being extra about the gifts. Giving and taking likewise


  4. You can’t stop yourself from tagging people in “All I want for Christmas is you” memes


  5. Your last Christmas shopping trip surely left a hole in your pocket. “It’s never enough”


  6. With the wall to wall decorations, people have started mistaking your house for Winter Wonderland.
  7. You have started cutting people out of your life. Because according to them “It’s too early to celebrate”


  8. You have a set schedule for the big day. So that you don’t miss out on anything.


  9. You have no shame in making plans that include your reluctant friends and family members. They absolutely hate you for it.


  10. Good day or Bad day, you know you are ready when you just cannot shake off the Christmas spirit.


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