Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna Turns Santa for Kids at Phoenix Marketcity!

Michelin-star Chef & Smile Foundation Nutrition Ambassador Vikas Khanna became Santa for Smile Foundation kids and distributed wonderful gifts & goodies at Phoenix Marketcity. Not only children, but also adults present in the mall had a gala time with chef.

On the sidelines, Phoenix Marketcity kick-started its Phoenix Turns Santa initiative, a unique online campaign by the retail establishment that aims to donate funds to Smile Foundation based on the impressions generated on social media during the Christmas week. Philanthropist Vikas Khanna was seen extending his whole-hearted support to the cause, appealing his fans & the privileged section to be the Santa to the people around and spread love & happiness. Funds raised through the campaign will be utilized in providing education and nutrition to the foundation kids, bringing positive change in the lives of these underprivileged children.

Talking on the occassion, Chef Vikas Khanna said, “For me coming back to the kids of Smile Foundation across the country is like coming back home”. Celebrating Christmas with these beautiful souls who fulfil me and complete me is like a perfect plan to the season’s celebrations.  I am delighted to be here at Phoenix Marketcity and for me anything that brings smiles on these innocent faces I should be counted in. #PhoenixTurnsSanta is one such initiative which will bring back health and nutrition to these little angles and therefore I would appeal each one of you to come out in numbers and make this a huge success.”

On being asked about his beginning of the journey as chef and his first experiment,he expressed in very hilarious way that he made a coconut sweet for Punjabi family (his family) which in itself turned out a disaster.  His favorite city is Amritsar and will remain favorite throughout his life because it is the only city on this earth that has one kitchen for all religion, Golden Temple.Further talking about the most over rated and underrated ingredient, he said olive oil is the most overrated and “ Sattu “ the most under rated one.

Vikas also took the platform to unveil the cover of his 29th book titled Poetry. Sharing about the book, Chef & Food Writer, Vikas Khanna said, “The book is a collection of over 100 poems related to food and life and each and every page of the book is handcrafted. Each piece of Poetry is an ode to farms, kitchens and cooking traditions of the globe. Poetry has been designed as a poetic journey that transports the reader into a ‘bowl of culinary experiences.” Chef believes that literature is the only immortal thing on this earth and it is through his work he wants young generation and chefs to be, to convince their parents to achieve their dreams unlike him in his years of struggle (he had no example/ reason to support his argument with his parents why he wanted to be chef). Moreover, he said that his focus is on literature and he wants to break his own record.

Commenting on the event, Rajiv Malla, Director, Phoenix Marketcity Punesaid, “As an organization we strongly believe in doing our bit for the less-privileged sections of the society. We have been consistently associating with many NGOs / self-help groups in the city for various social initiatives. ‘Phoenix turns Santa’ is one such cause where we are glad to associate with Smile Foundation for bringing happiness in the lives of children in our own small way. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to Vikas Khanna for supporting this cause.”

Many other celebrities have also extended their support to Phoenix Turns Santa cause through social media.


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