Pune’s only authentic South Indian fine dine restaurant Savya Rasa has recently been recognised as one of the TOP 50 restaurants in India by Conde Nast Traveller for 2017.
Celebrating the season, Savya Rasa is introducing a festive special Syrian Christian food festival this December and New Year. Well known and loved for the authenticity and variety of its cuisine, Savya Rasa has given Pune flavours of South India from family recipes of grandmothers, housewives and establishments across the different regions of the south. Patrons can now discover the intricacies of Nasrani cuisine, very Indian at heart and South Indian at its soul. A Nasrani kitchen is a cornucopia of dishes featuring almost all kinds of meat, with an ample range of delicious vegetarian dishes too. The Kozhi Kurumilagu Fry (pan-roasted chicken), Erachi Stew (mutton cooked in coconut milk) and Mutta Poricha Curry (egg and green chilly pancake rolls) are some of the popular non-vegetarian dishes prepared in Nasrani kitchens. Nasrani cooking, in terms of the tenderness of meat, usage of spices and garnishes, as well as the manner in which it is cooked and presented, is remarkable.
The Nasranis and their culinary journey from vegetarianism to meat consumption are noteworthy, as they converted to Christianity, they embraced non-vegetarian food. Meat found its way into most preparations. Later, when the Portuguese and other Westerners came and settled in the region, they were unable to handle the spiciness of the local cuisine. They improvised, and coconut milk was used to reduce the spiciness to better suit their palates. Coconut milk also came to be used to make gravies thicker. The Nasrani cuisine is not very different from other styles of Malayali cooking but there is a focus on texture and fiber in the dishes.
Come join us at Savya Rasa to experience this highly evolved and inspired culinary feast from 22nd December 2017 to 14th January 2018.
Christmas & New Year Special
Drop in at Savya Rasa for the special Nasrani lunch menu for Christmas and New Year with a glass of beer or wine at Rs 1299 net.
That’s not it! On 1st January 2018, enjoy the signature Savya Rasa Thali with unlimited beer or wine at Rs 2018 net for lunch. 
Book your table now.
Date- 25th December 2017 and 1st January 2018
Time– Lunch- 12 pm to 3 pm


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