Bombay Brasserie – a twist in flavours!

Treat your taste buds to Indian delicacies with a twist at the latest branch of the infamous Bombay Brasserie, here at our own Koregaon Park. With highly appealing aesthetics and much more satisfying food options, Bombay Brasserie will sweep you off your feet with your first visit.


The perfect lighting and décor sets the mood just right, and keeps the area well lit, even in the evenings. There is a rush of energy as you enter the Brasserie, as the colours, lights and décor extend the warmest of welcomes, especially the insanely big swing serving as a seat for a central table.

Quiet famed in Bombay, the Brasserie now graces Pune, offering a wide variety of Indian delicacies, made with the corresponding trademark ingredient/spice of various parts of the country, with a delicious twist. The Bombay Brasserie Special cocktails come in quarter bottles (pauva) and are definitely one of the better Indian fusion cocktails. Each variety of pauva is served with a specific type of chakna. Some amazing combinations you get here are Goa Goa Gone (served with Panaji Masala Cashews), Jaipuir Gulabo (served with Chana Jor Garam), Kollywood Pop (served with Chennai Chana) and many more.

IMG_8128Bombay Brasserie aims for everyone who visits to rediscover the country through explosions of flavor, with an unlikely but great duo of the expected and the unexpected, and that is exactly what Bombay Brasserie provides through its extensive menu. The spices they use are brought in from the places of origin and the masalas are prepared in the kitchen itself. Their masalas have an authentic flavour and they will soon be out for sale at the restaurant. 

Bombay Brasserie can easily boast about its set of starters, including Spicy Pahadi Mushrooms, Chilli Cheese Kulcha and Aam Papad Paneer, perfect for those with a flair for spice. The Chilli Cheese Kulcha was a heavenly meal in itself and the Aam Papad flavor in the Paneer takes you back to ages. The paneer was crisp on the outside and soft inside.  A must try here is The 6 Chutney Papad Tokri – an assortment of urad, aloo and sabudana papad served with 6 delectable chutneys (Imli, Mango, Amchur,  Pudina, Pyas Pudina, Tomato)

The 6 Chutney Papad Tokri
Chilli Cheese Kulcha
Aam Papad Paneer

The Brasserie also extends to everyone, blessings in the form of the hot and spicy Andhra Chicken, cooked perfectly with Andhra masalas that left behind a nostalgic and hot after taste. Exponentially increasing the joy of spice enthusiasts, Bombay Brasserie offers the satisfyingly tear-inducing Naga Ghost Pepper Wings, made with Naga Chillies, which in itself scores pretty  high on the Scoville Heat Index (or simply, it’s pretty hot!), and the Marathi Jhinga Mirch, a prawn dish made in green chilly thecha. The Calcutta Club Fish Fry, a British era fish fry with our own Indian Mustard and an unusually lip smacking pineapple-mango salsa, balancing the spice to just perfect. This dish has one of the longest slice of fish being served. One of the clear, undisputed star of Bombay Brasserie, is most definitely its Galawati Kabab, with the most-melt in your mouth Lucknowi mutton kababs, having aromas and flavours that will leave butterflies in your stomach. The Kashmiri Naan Kebab, is another mindblowing option, if meat is what you desire, complete with a huge naan, brushed with saffron.

Naga Ghost Pepper Wings
Andhra Chicken
Marathi Jhinga Mirch
Lucknowi Paraath Paneer

With such a vibrant assortment of starters (and many more in the menu), remember to make room for the main course and the desserts! Bombay Brasserie  offers Paired Curries, in both vegetarian and non vegetarian options, such as Chatka Chhole Kulchey, Kheema Aloo Pie with Bun Maska!, Mario’s Mango Prawns and Coconut Rice, and Coast-to-Coast Chicken with Seed Roti, with the flavor-burst dish being made in Bombay Brasserie ’s own Malwani Masala, made with thirty spices! Now that’s a flavor explosion to look out for. If you are a seafood lover and  has a palette for coastal flavours, then Mario’s Mango Prawns curry is a must try!

The stand alone main course offers many Indian dishes, including the favourite, Dum Ke Kali Dal, finished with the perfect smoky aroma. Bombay Brasserie  leaves no corner of Indian delicacies, with Red Hot Kerala Fish, Panch Phoran Chicken, Chicken Tikka Butter Masala, and also the Rajasthani Dhungar Maas, a smoked mutton dish. The mutton in the Rajasthani Dhungar Maas was juicy and tender. If Roti and mains aren’t your thing, the Biryani options, (Veg, Chicken, Lamb and Prawns) will blow you away, with the aroma wafting and reaching you before the dish reaches your table.

Kashmiri Naan Kebab
Galawati Kebab
Rajputana Murgh Soola Kebab
Calcutta Club Fish Fry
Rajasthani Dhungar Maas
Bombay Dabba Gosht
Chur Chur Paratha

The Chur Chur Paratha is a must try with any of the curries on the menu! 

Mario’s Mango Prawns and Coconut Rice
Dum Ke Kaali Dal

The desserts at Bombay Brasserie takes your experience to another level, with Amritsari Kulfa, a traditional sweet dish of Kulfi and Rabdi, with Phirni, falooda, and rose syrup! Moreover, you can comfort your palate with more options such as Ras-e-Aam, Bombay Ice Cream Sandwich, and Grandma’s Choco Treat!

Amritsari Kulcha 

A visit to Bombay Brasserie is much needed for any foodie, especially those who have a special place for Indian cuisines and spices in their heart. One experience at Bombay Brasserie will act as future incentive to experience the bliss and comfort of Indian cuisine with a twist, retaining key ingredients in modern takes on classic dishes. Bombay Brasserie also provides for High Chai time, from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM wherein you can enjoy a range of chais and cocktails!

Don’t miss this one, book a table today!

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