Sara Soda – Sweet memories from Goa in Pune

There were days when we would want to travel all the way to Goa, just because there is a craving for that goan food.  Gone are those worries! Fresh goan food, a homely atmosphere, colorful walls, a touch of Mario Miranda’s work, the Russian influence, the Portuguese culture – a little bit of everything is what you will witness at Sara Soda.

Located in Undri, this restaurant serves some delicious Goan and Portuguese cuisine along with some Asian specialties and sizzlers.


A cozy place where one can go savor the seafood cravings made with love in goan flavors is what this part of town needed. Spread across two floors this restaurant is complimented with some colorful and quirky furniture. The idea of Sara Soda’s concept started last December and the entire design of the place was planned by the core team.

Sara Soda is a part of the Marrakesh hospitality that has set their mark by having a lovely establishment of Middle East cuisine at every nook and corner of Pune. Noodle Canteen is the other restaurant that they have opened up. The concept of Sara Soda is to not experiment with gastronomy but serve home style food. This hospitality chain definitely plans to expand their new brands in other parts of the city.

We chose to sit at the first floor. Once inside the restaurant, one will not realize that they are actually in that busy corner of Undri. Sara Soda gives you that complete homely feel and the first few minutes that you are here, you just want to sit and enjoy the colors around. This almost succeeded in transporting our minds to Goa.

Sara Soda is a fun place to be in and people will be easily able to connect with the quirkiness over here. The name of the restaurant has a Portugal reference, relating it to pure and authentic. It definitely is a curiosity generating name. Most of the restaurants that open up new only want to do something that’s a trend in the market. So when we have restaurants like Sara Soda opening up, who give a lot of importance to home style cooking, our hearts get sold there.

The Head Chef, Prema Bhaskar who has previously worked with The Lalit indulges in home style cooking. The key ingredients like chillies, homemade vinegar etc come from Goa and the coconut used in the kitchen is ground using a stone pestle. There is a lot of portugal influence in goan cuisine. 

Now coming out to the menu, your tummy will crave to try out everything goan here. Giving you a heads up, the portion sizes are really good here, like a feast.

Shack Style Beef – this was the dish that we were eagerly waiting to try as we had heard some amazing reviews about this. This had roasted boneless beef with juliennes of onions, tomatoes, green chilies and the chef’s secret goan spices. We just couldn’t stop enjoying this. A perfect appetizer.


Prawns Balchao – a spicy pickled prawns preparation, this dish had succulent prawns that were served with the goan sanna


Chicken Cafreal– Oh those huge chicken pieces coat with the green masala and grilled! You have an option to choose full or half portion. The half portion itself could not be finished by us. This is served with onion rings and sliced potatoes.



Surmai in Recheado Masala – This is one of the most important spice mix used in goa, especially to stuff seafood and fry. This one has a spicy and tangy taste. The Surmai were well marinated in the masala.


The starters were filling and a meal in itself. Now it was time for the main course and we ensured to keep the space for it. We were served Prawns Xacuti, Mutton Vindaloo, Prawns Caldinho and Goan Fish Curry. 


These were served with brown rice, goan poi and sanna. There was too much of food. Our tummies were full but not the craving for such flavorsome food! 

Post a soul satisfying meal, the chef suggests that we should try out their desserts!! We tried out the sizzling bebinka with ice cream and a carrot stuffed gulab jamun with  lemongrass rabdi. Crazy combinations eh! They were outstanding. The bebinka was fresh with a caramel taste due to the sizzle. That gulab jamun was soft with an innovative flavour of the lemongrass in the rabdi. 

All in all, Sara Soda is a must try especially for the goan food. The bar is a well stocked one and if you miss King’s beer, you are definitely getting it here! A fun evening with friends over drinks or a complete homely meal, this is an ideal place. 



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