Panayaa – Fine Dining Experience

Today we are going to present to you a place that is ideal for family, friends and office colleagues. This is a veg restaurant, wait! It has a mind-blowing modern menu and promises to take your taste buds on an exotic picnic. 

This is Panayaa – an inviting modern Indian vegetarian kitchen. This is where you bring your colleagues for a fancy lunch, your family for a birthday or that one friend in the group because of whom everyone has to eat veg. 

Panayaa stays true to their promise of modern Indian food. We tend to get very quick at forming an idea of veg place but Panayaa will prove you wrong. Their lip-smacking creations will leave you asking for more.They ensure they make your experience engaging and fun. They have a live bhel counter – who doesn’t love that! Panayaa also presents nitrogen gas magic at the table. Whoop! The reprised versions of Vada Pav, Khakra and Broccoli are worthy of your time. Similarly, their kadhai options and royal rice creations are stunners you shouldn’t miss. In addition to their modern kitchen, Panayaa brings the concept of molecular gastronomy, which takes the experience to a different level. 


The restaurant has kept things simple too! They have kept the concept of molecular gastronomy and live experiences only with the starters and desserts. The main course has been kept as it is, maintaining a proper balance across the menu.

The ambiance of the place is intimate. We are big fans of indoor plants and a classy setup which is exactly what Panayaa offers. The seating is comfortable and has soft lighting which makes it cozy. They also have natural lighting during the day which softens with the ceiling glass. 

Panayaa is located at the ground floor of Mariplex Mall, Kalyani Nagar. The term Panayaa means admirable or astonishing in Sanskrit. The restaurant is an established brand in Mumbai and the amazing mix of an audience has got them interested in setting up their brand in Pune.

Panayaa also has great things to offer. They have corporate lunches and kitty parties over weekdays for just Rs 599 (all inclusive) per head. You can also look at organizing kids parties for Rs 450 per head. The restaurant also creates custom options for you.

Getting down to what we tried.

SMOKED RASAM WITH DOSA CRISP- The flavor of this rasam was absolutely brilliant and exactly like how it is made at home. The desi ghee smoky flavor added to the taste. This is served with a crispy mini dosa.

CORN BHEL MAZE CORNETTOS – What a pretty looking starter this was. Cream corn stuffed in maize cones, topped with zingy bell pepper frosting. This was made to stand in a bowl of murmures.


NAZAKHAT KUMBH- Mushrooms just the way we like it! Tandoori smoked mushrooms stuffed with Indian spices

CHANA MASALA WONTON CHAT- A highly recommended starter. Wontons stuffed with chana chatpata and put on a bed of chana masala, topped with smoked and mint chutney shredded shavings with pomegranate and nylon sev.


BHELPURI VERSION 2.0 – The live bhelpuri counter; this was such a delight to watch.  The whole thing was a molecular representation of puffed rice, spices, chutney and curd spheres. Kids will enjoy the whole process.

We were already full with the starters, so kept the main course order minimal

We ordered the MULTANI PANEER, TADKEWALI DAL and MASALEDAR DHANIYA KI ROTI. The main course was kept really simple yet flavorsome.


The dessert was the star of the night, we had seen a lot of influencers post videos of the CHOCOLATE LANDSCAPE and was looking forward for this. Again a live demo, the way the chocolate and the sauces poured in onto the plate and the play of liquid nitrogen was fun to watch! A yummy dessert for the chocolate lovers!  There are other desserts on the menu like THE MOHANTAL CHEESECAKE, DABBEWALI SWEET and others.


Overall this place if exquisite and a good restaurant to go to if you are someone who enjoys a complete experience. This is a fine dining restaurant so the rates are slightly on the higher side. Panayaa is a wonderful new option for Punekars who specifically crave for vegetarian food.


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