The Irish House launched at Nitesh Hub

The Irish have claimed another part of Pune, through the latest outlet of The Irish House at Nitesh Hub, in Koregaon Park! Drink like an Irishman and feast with community portions whilst taking in the amazing feel of the outlet with the brilliant décor and the general warmth of the place. The Irish House in Koregaon Park, on the second floor at Nitesh Hub, features an indoor seating area with a magnificently stocked bar, and beautiful interiors, a DJ Console for power packed weekends.


The outdoor seating area is much more open and breezy despite being inside a mall. The outdoor seating area features a live barbecue and grill area for future plans, and in general supports the concept of community enjoyment, with huge community tables outside, and an elaborate menu, with feasts for your commune. The perfect lighting inside and the breezy outdoorsy feel of the outdoor area seems perfect for not only your usual lager and chips but also beautifully crafted meals and cocktails!

Grande Nachos

The starters here range from your classic Grande Nachos, served both in vegetarian and non vegetarian displays in a community size, to Crispy Sriracha Rigatoni, which includes crumb fried pasta with sriracha cheese served with ranch.

Crispy Sriracha Rigatoni
Crispy Sriracha Rigatoni
The Great Irish Fish N Chips
The Great Irish Fish n Chips

But if you’d prefer the classic Fish n Chips with your beer, The Great Irish Fish n Chips is definitely worth a try. Made with basa in a beer batter, the starter is sure to get you reaching for more! The Irish House also serves a variety of starters, even in community size, and great picks like Cheese Burst Chicken and the delicious Spicy Pork Pita Pockets, with spinach tinted pita pockets! For anyone with a medium appetite, the starters will suffice as full meals too.


Spicy Pork Pita Pockets

The Irish House is known for its beer, serving on tap or by the bottle, including various domestic and international brands, but you could give those starters an amazing twist with the variety of cocktails served. With a catalog boasting of Top Shelf Signatures, the Smoked Wisdom, a concoction of Whiskey, cranberry infused tea and rosemary smoke, not only does this drink provide an aesthetic visual on serving, but also pampers your tastebuds resulting in an extravagant experience. The Caramel Bourbon is specially made for those who love their liquor and their sweet tooth! Made with the divine combination of Bourbon, Drambuie, Martini Rosso and Caramel, this top shelf signature is the ideal cocktail to give you that kick of good bourbon and sugary goodness.

Caramel Bourbon
Irish Mule
The Classic Irish Mule

The classic Irish Mule made with Jameson, bitters and ginger ale, with a dash of lime could be something you’d prefer if extravagance isn’t your pick, but nevertheless, be ready to be amazed. The Irish House also serves amazing cocktails with Vodka, Gin, etc as the base as well, and not to forget their magnificent list of High Teas. The Black Wave is an amazing beer cocktail made with lager and espresso, for those who’d like a soiree with caffeine, along with the Inverted Bird, legendary among the Irish Houses, for a carefully crafted vodka based drink, served with an inverted pint of beer!

The Inverted Bird
The Inverted Bird

The phrase, to drink like an Irishman didn’t appear out of nothing! If you’re brave enough, try the Irish Terminator, a community cocktail with vodka, Carta Blanca, gin, triple sec, grenadine and beer! Get one for yourself, or share a few with your gang. You can enjoy a variety of community cocktails made from various bases, for that one night you have been planning with your friends! The bar menu features a aiety of Mojitos, Magaritas and many classics, and beat this, The Irish House provides Happy Hours from 5pm to 8pm everyday on the bar menu, (including the Terminator!), so one can actually drink like an Irishman!

Irish Terminator
Irish Terminator

It is not like The Irish House is only a hangout spot for the weekends or when the sun sets, as you can walk in and treat yourself to amazing meals, or even beer fondue, burgers, a whole DIY Burger Menu for both vegetarian and non vegetarian options, pastas, pizzas, plated meals, including the scrumptious and balanced Moroccan Lamb Bowl served with cracked wheat and honey glazed carrots. The tender lamb, complimented with the rich Moroccan spices will surely be a treat! The Irish House also provides a variety of healthy grilled meal options.


The Irish are known for their love of Beer, and a beer infused dessert in a beer mug may be just a day dream for many, but if and when you visit The Irish House, do try The Irish Riverdance, the classic 500 ml beer mug dessert, loaded with gooey brownie, crumbs, vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate bites, chocolate truffles, chocolate cookies with caramel sauce, caramelized nuts AND fresh lager beer. All that in one magnum opus of a dessert, with a hint of lager is bound to send you into Chocolate Heaven. It definitely took us a while to float back to reality for more of the Riverdance.

The Irish Riverdance
The Irish Riverdance

Overall, the Irish House provides you with everything you need, for a Saturday night out, or a wonderful Sunday brunch, or for a random day of the year. Promoting the concept of community meals and beverages, while maintaining the classic Irish spirit of the place, The Irish House at Koregaon Park has definitely lived up to its sister concerns, if not exceeded it. Check out their live music nights on Saturdays, and the soon to follow Karaoke nights, following suit from its sister outlets. Not to forget, The Irish House is the best place to celebrate St. Patricks day, like the Irish do! Next time you long for a great time, or the Irish Riverdance (which deserves an article on its own), give the latest outlet of this classic venture a try!


You will not be disappointed.


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