~10 special Baos that have travelled Asia before landing on your plate

at all Shizusan Shophouse & Bars this January~

Shizusan the Southeast Asian restaurant – is introducing a special menu for all the bao lovers in Pune, Mumbai & Bengaluru. The Travelling bao festival which begins on 19th January will have 10 delectable baos, specially created by Chef Paul Kinny that are world-inspired. Each bao promises to have its own delicious surprise element, so be prepared to be amazed!

The 10 innovative baos have equal vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. On being asked what’s different in this new menu, Chef Paul Kinny says, “You cannot get an influence from the cuisine of a country, if you don’t understand it. You’ve got to study it; this menu is inspired by signature local dishes of various regions and is a result of months of research and experimentation.”

Filipino Steamer.jpg

From the region that got us our most favorite form of duck – comes the Cantonese Smoked Duck Bao with five spiced smoked duck with green apple and topped with mayo (of course!). An interesting vegetarian option on the menu is the Banh Bao Chay, a bun stuffed with cilantro, wild mushroom and glass noodles. A burst of flavors with every bite!

For ones who can handle spice, the menu features the fiery Korean Pulled Chicken Bulgogi Bao that Chef Paul claims to be his personal favourite; thinly sliced meat with spicy cucumber and kimchi slaw. From the land of the rising sun, comes the vegetarian Tofu & Hirata Buns; tofu tossed in BBQ sauce, pickled cucumber slices and topped with miso mayo.  This one, will steal your heart!

The Teriyaki Glazed Tenderloin Bao promises to be the most Instagrammable Bao on the menu with chilli honey glazed chicken with Korean kimchi, topped with gochuchang mayo

Just like revolutionary mango and donut sushi done in the past, this menu too promises a sweet ending to your meal. Finish off the meal with, Aka Nai Wong. These steamed custard buns are a Cantonese favorite. Lightly sweet, creamy custard in a fluffy bun. Pretty much the sweetest best treat ever.

Group Shot - Copy.jpg

Innovation & flavors are two things that were aimed at while curating this menu and they’ve surely ticked both the boxes with these 10 baos , that are an ode to world travel. Pair these up with their Asian cocktails and mocktails for a complete experience of this multi-city festival at Shizusan (Pune, Mumbai & Bangalore)

Name:   The Travelling Bao Festival 

When :  19th January onwards | Everyday Noon to Midnight

Available at : Shizusan Pune, Mumbai & Bengaluru


Upper Ground Level | Phoenix Marketcity Pune 

@AtShizusan | For reservations 020 6689 0401

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