PHO like never before!

Visit Panash at Four Points by Sheraton, Pune for an enticing Vietnamese experience.
Vietnamese cuisine is simple yet distinctive in flavour and PHO which is a Vietnamese Soup meal is the most popular Vietnamese food which should not be missed by food lovers. Enjoy these distinctive flavours only at Panash, Four Points by Sheraton Pune.
This delicious and mouthwatering Vietnamese soup meal is a combination of fresh greens, succulent meat cuts, flavoursome noodles, rice and aromatic spices.
The menu consists of a wide variety of meats like tenderloin, chicken, pork belly and for the vegetarians theirs Tofu, mushrooms and exotic vegetables. 
Enjoy the delicious PHO festival at Panash by Four Points by Sheraton Pune until January 28, 2018, over dinner. 

When: Until January 28th
Where: Four Points by Sheraton Pune

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