Kebab Fest at BAR BAR!

BAR BAR has a special menu of 10 melt-in-your-mouth kebabs perfect to go along with your favourite mug of beer STARTING FROM TODAY!

BAR BAR – India’s 1st bar with wholesale pricing – brings you a special menu of succulent and flavourful kebabs. The specially curated food menu by Chef Paul features an assortment of 10 kebabs perfect as sides with your favourite pint of beer.

The limited period menu provides 10 innovative kebabs with equal options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians starting at a friendly price of just INR 459. Whether you want to play it healthy or indulge, the menu has you sorted. The menu features Dohra Kebabs; From the Royal Kitchens of Rampur a mouth-watering melange of Mutton & Chicken Mince grilled to perfection, Zameeni Hayyat; Spiced Beetroot Patties Shallow Fried, a speciality from Kashmir. The seafood lovers can savour the Jhinga Mehrunissa; Prawns flavoured with Saffron, Green Chilli, Mace and Edible Silver. The menu also includes the famous Awadhi delicacy fit for the nawabs, Gosht Ki Seekh; Tender Lamb mince, blended with special Awadhi spices.  Apart from these there are also the Paneer Balucchi Tikka and the innovative Subz Aur Anjeer Ki Seekh to help you end the night at a happy high.

Many of the kebab marinations are prepared, tenderized and left overnight to infuse in spices and then cooked. Pair these kebabs with our beer tower and classic LIITs available at a wholesale price.

BAR BAR | First Floor, Phoenix Marketcity Pune | Connect on Facebook and Instagram @BarBarLovesMe

Timings: Weekdays 3.00 PM – Midnight; Saturday – Sunday 12PM – Midnight

For Enquiries: +91 8806 967967

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