The Vasudhaiva Ride

Ben Reid-Howells from Canada and Prashant Kumar from India set out on two motorcycles for a 35,000+ kilometre long journey from India to Scotland. Entitled Vasudhaiva Ride, this trip connects riders Kumar and Reid-Howells with individuals, organisations and communities working for peace, sustainability and well-being in different ways. Through collaborative projects and documentation in both local and global contexts, and with the support of a diverse range of artists, communities and change-makers, the ride is a platform for sharing experiences, learning, and insight across continents with an international following. 

The outlined route will take Reid-Howells and Kumar across India, through Nepal into Tibet and north-west China, then north through Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia, and, finally, west into Ukraine and through Europe, ending in Edinburgh, Scotland. Stopping for frequent collaborations, projects and documentation, this trip is estimated to last for 2 years. While such long distance motorcycle rides have been done before, this trip is unique in that it is a project driven journey with the clear purpose of connecting individuals, organisations and communities working towards peace and wellbeing in their respective countries, and sharing this process with an international following on an online platform. The ride, its content and our team are inspired by the Sanskrit phrase:

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam- the whole world is one family.

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It is an exciting and interesting journey with the aim of making a difference to the community.

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They have completed the India leg of their journey and are on their way to Nepal for their next project for which they require funds. 

The work of the Vasudhaiva Ride is entirely community supported and made possible by the support of individuals like you. Support the projects on PAYTM at: 9764328226

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Please let us know if you are interested in doing a story on the Vasudhaiva Ride. 

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