Quarter and Chakhna nostalgia at Sara Soda

Remember those wee hours of the morning as you walked into the neigbourhood bar with your gang to quench the need for more booze, quarters and chakhna; ah! The good ol’ days. Sara Soda, your go-to place for authentic Goan cuisine brings back the nostalgia with Quarter & Chakna Festival to transport you to an era gone by.
We serve you the classic masala papads and anda bhurji with our Goan touch along with whopping 100 varieties of chaknas as you sip on the iconic Old Monk and Kings. From masala fries to Goan beef cutlets and from rum to single malts, find your favourite chakhna at unbelievable prices and liquor, on nip system!
Midway through the festival, come with your tribes and witness the mixing of a ‘secret ingredient’ in a larger than life fish tank and challenge them to drink it all! Try your luck with our ‘JD Behind The Bars’, if your key matches the lock, you get to free the bottle of JD and own it all. Push your limits with fun games such as Drunk Ping Pong, Walk the Line, Wackiest Drunk Stories and so on. Your week is about to get crazy, Pune…and capacity, tested! 
Festival: March 4 to March 14, 12 pm to 3 pm & 7:30 pm to 12 am
Event:     Wednesday, March 7, 7:30 pm onwards 
Where:    Sara Soda, NIBM Ext Rd, Palace Orchard, Mohammed Wadi.

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