In conversation with Riyaaz Amlani

                           Pune Social all set to serve the community at Phoenix Marketcity!

Yay! Finally, the wait is over. India’s 19th and Pune’s first Social, where work meets play is all set to serve Punekars.

While it may be inside a sprawling mall, Pune’s very first Social is uniquely its own – right from the entrance itself which is designed to disorient you from the ordered cacophony of its mall location by leading you through a crate-lined tunnel reminiscent of the city’s old market lanes straight into a zone of hustle, bustle and good times!

Riyaaz Amlani, C.E.O. & MD Impresario Handmade Restaurants (parent company of Social) was over the moon while announcing the launch of Pune Social at Phoenix Marketcity. Team PNL had a little chat with the mastermind behind such brilliant concepts.


Viman Nagar Social 26

Riyaaz in his exclusive interview with Pune Nightlife:

How does it feel to announce the launch of Social in Pune which is home to many foodies?

 “We are thrilled to bring the Social experience to this city with a renewed commitment to creating a hotbed of creativity and creating a space that thrives on synergy for young entrepreneurs and inspired minds. The energy here is palpable and as always we will continue to challenge norms across the board, including food and drinks.”

Give us some updates on the launch. What can Punekars expect from Social?

People should expect lot of fun, great food, drinks and entertainment. Viman Nagar Social has everything an office has and a lot more. For people who wants a separate space to put their thinking hats on or a corner for that creative thinking, it has the trampoline area. The menu delivers street food that is unpretentious and fun, presented in a quirky and unconventional style. The drinks menu at times looks and feels like it’s something straight out of a science fiction laboratory as the cocktails are definitely the biggest draw at Social.

Riyaz told  Pune Nightlife that he wants  each location of Social to become a community for people with common interests. . In short, he wants people to get social offline and feel connected!

What more in store for Pune from Impresario?

Oh! We have a lot planned for Pune. We are looking at opening 8-10 outlets of Social in the next couple of years. We will be looking to tap the key pockets in the city where we create a nice ecosystem for start-ups, freelancers and others where people can meet, collaborate etc. 

Killer Kebab Plate

Any memory of Pune?

Many! (with a smile)  Always the lovely weather of Pune and the easy going and relaxed people. Then there is Mocha, Stone Water Grill, the Pune Pyramid parties, ABC farms, Sheesha Café and many more such memories.

Where do you see Pune Nightlife in the coming few years?

Looking at the demographics, Pune is becoming the nerve centre for IT and lot of engineers. A lot of new people are moving here, the paying capacity and disposable income is growing hence making nightlife very important. This helps in meeting new people, and in that sense, it has the indication that nightlife is progressing. People will be able to go out and party more. I believe nightlife makes a city livable and lovable. Moreover, I believe that it’s not just the history of the place that attracts people to a city but the nightlife too.


Any message for new entrants or restaurateurs who idealizes the brand “Riyaaz Amlani”?

I feel they are like family. I have a lot of respect for everyone who is in this business because I know the amount of effort it takes to establish and run the business in this sector.

What are your future plans for India other than Pune?

I am planning to expand this business in 10 cities that includes 4 metros and 6 mega cities like Jaipur and a few more. I hope to sustain two more decades. Pune is the 4th city where I have launched social.

Shivangi Pandey


About Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.:

Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. is a company founded by Riyaaz Amlani & Kiran Salaskar. IEHPL began its journey in 2001 with its maiden venture Mocha – Coffees & Conversations, which has been Impresario’s claim to fame. Impresario has a team of the brightest and most experienced hospitality professionals dedicated to experiential dining. Their core strength is in understanding the changing dining out habits of new young India and delivering quality dining-out experiences tailored to delight their guests. Over the years Impresario’s operations have cumulatively expanded across the country and its umbrella of brands now includes Smoke House Deli (the transformation of refined dining into casual chic), Salt Water Café (a contemporary take on timeless European cafés), The Tasting Room (quaint wine haven), and Slink & Bardot (a French small plate restaurant)

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