Raasta culture spreads to Ishanya

Raasta Café – A brand is built in the city, it becomes a culture, The Raastafarian Culture. A place that was started purely out of passion, grows so big, that you can put them under the concept of a ‘Bar Chain’. Raasta Café gives you a very comfortable and chilled out vibe with a value for money food and bar. Their Mojitos are very popular in the city.

After successfully running three amazing outlets in major parts of the city, Raasta café opened their fourth outlet in December at PubTown, Ishanya mall. Kunal Mhaske along with franchise owner Aniket Nimbalkar have created this hip new bar which is perfect to unwind at after a long and hard day.

Located at Unit 9 in Ishanya Mall, Raasta Café Pubtown is a young warm space that revolves around simplicity, love and freedom. Comparatively smaller than the other three outlets this one is smaller. The watering hole in Camp, Baner and NIBM has become a favourite hangout place of that vicinity, se we are sure this tradition will follow in Yerwada too.


The décor and interiors here is a modern version of the Raastafarian Culture. It has the same orange and black colour combination, the caricatures etc. The new look here is brought by the LED message bands on the ceilings. I think they look super cool!

The speciality of this outlet is the limited but exclusive menu, the youthful vibe and the warm experience that pulls you back to the place.

Earlier going all the way to Ishanya which was initially known as a home and décor mall never excited people. But the good news now is that with the coming of many new food and nightlife destinations at Ishanya, the mall in itself is getting a makeover. Ishanya is now morphing into a more wholesome destination for the entire family with food, multiple entertainment and sports options and a platform for the creative institutions, apart from retaining the home niche. We are so glad that Raasta Café is here! With the coming of many new places at Pub Town, the vibe of the place has changed in a wonderful way. We also enjoy the kind of gigs that Raasta hosts.


We kept our tasting minimal as Raasta is home! And we have literally tried everything on the menu.


We ordered for the Old Fashioned (Bourbon Whiskey, Bitters and Sugar Cubes) and the Raasta Roots Mojito (White Rum, Ginger Roots, Lemon and Mint) – as usual, made really well!


For Food we called for the following:

  • Rosemary Perfumed Mustard Paneer Kebab – Oh the subtle fragrance of Rosemary was nice!
  • Tempura Fried Prawns – Always a favorite, so ordered again.
  • Saffron and Parmesan Chicken Kebab. Both these flavours are love! The chicken was succulent.
  • Risotto of Mushroom, Grilled Peppers and Toasted Nuts – The chef made this in red wine sauce.
  • BBQ Grilled Pizza – The Wood fired pizzas are great!



For the desserts we tried out the Raasta special Choco-Walnut Brownie, Red Velvet Jar and the Tiramisu. A happy end to the day.

Like how we mentioned earlier, the menu at Raasta is extensive both on the food and bar menu! The food menu has a variety of sections. There is the lunch and dinner option, Wood Fired Pizzas, Bar Bites, Sandwiches (the options are really great), Salads, Burgers and Hot Dogs, Soups, Nanzzas, Sides, Maggi, Desserts, so on and so forth! They also have some innovative shakes and blends like Anti-Ageing Detox Drink, The Golden Liver Flushing Drink, Oreo Cookie Freak Shake and many more! Thus EXTENSIVE!


Raasta Cafe is also very popular for its cocktails. Exotic drinks to try are Reggaelicious Mojito made with white rum, watermelon and basil leaves, Manali Bong served in a quirky bong glass, Strawberry Daiquiri, Raasta Signature Smoked Island Iced tea and Bull Frog.


“What started with a small idea is one of the most happening places in town today. Raasta has grown multifold since its inception in 2014. The love we received from our patrons has helped the brand grow with one new outlet every year and the brand Raasta is a 4 member family already. Future plans include vibrant outlets in different popular cities sharing a similar vibe as our own city. Having said all that, the home is where the heart is, and we are thankful to our entire Raastafarian family for taking the brand to where it is today” says Kunal Mhaske, brand owner of Raasta Café.

A new place is not just about the food and drinks, but what matters the most is the service and the ambience of the place and Raasta fares really well here.


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