Celebrations at Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar on their 5th Anniversary

Hyatt Pune has completed 5 years in the city and the celebration is five folds! They have come up with “5 DAYS OF 50% OFF” at BAAN TAO and Eighty Eight. SO this means that the dinner buffets at both these restaurants will be at 50% off from 16th April to 20th April, 2018. 

Five Country Pan-Asian Delights at Baan Tao: Think robust, smoky, and tantalizing flavors accompanied by a myriad of colorful, creative dishes- depiction of trademark Asian food. A treat to the eye as well as the palate. Expect such a spread at the Dinner Buffet’s at Baan Tao on the occasion of their 5th anniversary celebrations. Baan Tao, their Pan-Asian specialty restaurant, has set a special place in the hearts of many in the recent years and on this special occasion Chef Sunil Joshi and his team will present the best that they have served in the past five years ranging from Malaysian, Korean, Thai, Korean and Japanese cuisines. There is a special feel to Baan Tao as you enter. The buffet counter has been spread across the restaurant, both in the open and closed space. These live counters bring in a celebration feel at the otherwise quiet dining place.

Five Dine Buffet at Eighty Eight: To take you on an unforgettable culinary experience, those who enjoy all things ‘Desi’, make sure you head to the restaurant Eighty Eight to make the most out of the Five State Cuisine spread that’ll be presented during the anniversary celebrations. Dishes from popular food festivals will be showcased during the course of this promotion from various parts of Indian like Maharashtra – Punjab – Lucknow – Hyderabad and the home of their Head Chef – Suvendu Roy – Bengal.

The variety of starters that we got to try out was incredible. There was a mix of many cuisines which keeps the diner also curious. Our favourite corner was the dessert counter which was an elaborate spread. What stole our heart was the Tub Tim Krob which is a very famous Thai dessert. This was very refreshing summery drink and had coconut milk an ice shavings in it with tropical fruits in syrup.


A week-long celebration is a treat for all those who enjoy experimenting new flavours. Savour this extravagant spread and be part of the celebrations at Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar this April.

DATE: April 16 (Monday) – April 20 (Friday), 2018

TIME: 7pm – 11pm

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