Too much caffeine can bring drastic change to health

India, May 2018: Whether dependency or addiction, the reality is that for many stopping caffeine consumption is really very difficult as most of us follow the ritual of having a steaming cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

Caffeine is believed to boost mood, metabolism and mental and physical performance. But is this a caffeine myth or caffeine fact?

“Caffeine exists in varying amount in our favourite drinks like coffee, tea, soft-drink, chocolate and certain medications. While a small amount of its consumption increases alertness, there are a few noticeable side effects when the consumption amount changes – even a little too much can cause discomfort. Rapid heart rate, tachycardia, shakiness and anxiety are among the potential side effects of access tea and coffee,” said Nutritionist and Dietitian Nmami Agarwal.

She added, “Reducing amount of tea, coffee and sugar consumption can help in alleviate anxiety and other negative effects.”

Too much of caffeine and the addiction to tea or coffee can take an ugly turn and can affect our health drastically.

Saumya Shatakshi, Senior Nutritionist, Healthians, recommended some healthy alternatives instead of the regular cups of addiction which can be a healthy and refreshing change for the body.

Smoothies & shakes-  These drinks combine low-fat dairy products, fruit, and even peanut butter. One can also also add flax seeds, chia seeds, oats or museli in smoothies and shakes.

Detox Water- Always healthy and the best way to lose weight, detox water adds some goodness to your day. Add few slices of lemon, oranges, mint leaves, fruits of your choice, and pieces of ginger in a bottle of water.

Summer soup- It is a superhealthy supper or a lovely light lunch and is a great way to get your five-a-day and make for a quick and virtuous meal.

Cold-pressed juice- Cold-pressed juice is the best and trendy way to go healthy. It also gives you the flexibility to mix vegetables with fruits Pineapple pear ginger mint, Apple cinnamon, Green alkalizer, Citrus juice.

Source: ANI

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