Savya Rasa Weekday Thali

It’s time to experience the reign of South Indian eminence with the scrumptious royal meals served by Savya Rasa. Get ready to travel a gastronomic journey down eight South Indian lands all the way from Kongunadu, Chettinadu, Rayalseema, Nellore to Malabar, Nasarani, Mangaluru and Mysuru with Savya Rasa’s regal weekday Thali.

A sous-chef de cuisine Chef Prabhakar presents to you “Weekday Thali”
Thali is a commonly used Indian term for a large circular platter used to serve satisfactory and hearty Indian meals. The ideology that goes behind serving in a Thali is to let the diner experience a subtle explosion of all the six flavours right from sweet, salt, bitter and sour to astringent and spicy, all on one single plate. South Indians have since time immemorial followed the convention of dining with Thalis but, what makes them stand apart is their unique style of serving their delicious delicacies on a large banana leaf Thali called THALAIVAAZHAI ILAI.

Savya Rasa, owns pride in its South Indian roots and serves a delish and delightful weekday Thali made with love and fresh authentic local ingredients. The Vegetarian Thalis boasts two varieties of unique Vadgams, three types of pickles, three varieties of unique podis, Butter Milk, Vadai, two Vegetarian Starters, Poriyal, Ususli, Thoran, Pallaya, Kootu, Pachadis, Sambar, Kara Kozhambu, Theeyal, Pulimucnchi, Chef’s Special Vegetarian Curry, Pappu, Paruppu , Rasam , Flavoured rice, Parotta, Curd Rice, and Two Desserts. The non-vegetarian Thali on the other hand serves, Non Veg Vadai, Two Vegetarian Starter, Pachadis, Poriyal, Chicken, mutton and Fish Curry, Parotta, Roti, Curd rice, Flavoured rice, Butter Milk, and Two Desserts.

Place – Savya Rasa, Koregaon Park
Time – 12 noon to 3pm every Monday to Friday
Cost – Veg: 799++ ; Non – Veg: 999++
Reservations- 020 71967543

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