The Royals of Rajasthan are heading to Marriott Suites Pune this Month

Get ready to embark on a royal culinary journey at Marriott Suites Pune. The in house specialty Chef – Chef (Maharaj) Bhuralal Prajapati, is putting together an extensive Marwari/ Rajasthani feast for this festival. He’s inspired by the cuisine of his hometown Rajasthan and enjoys having it  relished across the country.

The menu at this  authentic festival includes a lavish spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options like Pittord ki Subzi, Channe Jaisalmer, Mirchi Vada, Ratalu ke Pakode,Kher sanghri ke Seekh, Laal Maans, Gatte ki Subzi and much more.

Since our royals loved their flavours and spices, the festival  will  have a counter dedicated to chutneys and pickles.  As no feast ends without an extensive dessert spread, so indulge your sweet tooth with some Badam ka halwa,  Rabri with seasonal fruit, Malpua rabri and  Malai ghewar

The festival will be part of the dinner buffet at Sen5es, the all day dining restaurant at Marriott Suites Pune.

Date:  18th May – 26th May 2018

Where:  Sen5es, Marriott Suites Pune 

Price:  INR 1100 ++

Contact:  020 26747474 | +91 9158001415 

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