Chilean wine is the new thing in town!

Wine has quickly become a beverage that we not only enjoy at parties and classy events but also at home or outdoors at picnics. The easiest thing to put together if you have guests coming over is a cheese platter with some wine. Be it a romantic date or a celebration wine truly has become a part of it all.

We were recently at a wine tasting that was arranged by Godrej Nature’s basket in association with LaCave India. Now the idea of sipping on wine in a supermart truly intrigued me but this wasn’t any wine tasting that we walked into, they had a whole collection of Chilean wines from Tarapaca and cheese platters waiting for us to enjoy.

Chile has quickly become one of the front runners in wine production and the moment I took a sip of their Cabernet Sauvignon I understood why. We had Nicolas Claverie, a wine sommelier come all the way from Chile to explain to us the way the wines are made and how each drink was to be enjoyed. We tried the Chardonnay, Merlot and the famous Cabernet Sauvignon and each of them was unique and full of flavour.

In case you are on the hunt for a really good wine I recommend you try out these Chilean wines and trust me you will know the difference when you take your first sip. Head to Nature’s basket today and grab your first bottle of tarapaca wine

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