The best Organic and Vegan brands that you should look out for this season!

Fashion in India has not always been about sustainable and cruelty free techniques but recently there have been changes in the industry where the silk-loving people are taking the more nature friendly route and if you are one of them then these are a few brands that should be a part of your must-have list!

1. NoNasties

This brand has come up with a simple solution of 100% Organic and Fair trade farming to overcome the devastating issue of farmer suicide in India. They come up with super minimalistic designs with light and breathable cotton fabrics. The designs are quirky, cute and perfect for those who are serious about comfort.

Find them here :

2. TheBurlapPeople

If you area a fan of green living and want to make a statement while doing so then this is a good pick for you. TheBurlapPeople makes sustainable handcrafted bags which can be customized to your liking! They also have a vegan option for all of those who prefer vegan fashion.

Find them here :

3. Kanabis

For all the shoe lovers out there,this is the organic brand that you were looking for. Devika Srimal Bapna, the founder was on the lookout for non-leather shoes that were stylish yet affordable. Though she found a few expensive International brands she couldn’t find one in India and that’s how Kanabis was born. They use canvas, an animal friendly substitute for leather and have a wide range of shoes in their collection.

Find them here :

4. Proyog

Yoga has quickly become a way of living, it has influenced people to make conscious choices and have pushed them in the direction of Organic and Nature friendly brands. Proyog is a homegrown Indian label that specializes in yoga wear for women and they use hyperbreathable fabrics for all their products.

Find them here :

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