We spoke to people on their take on beauty and this is what they have to say

Is beauty subjective or objective has been an age old debate. The phrase ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ talks about how beauty can be subjective and can be more deep rooted, yet a majority of people find certain things beautiful in an obvious manner. This gave way to our article wherein we went on a quest for the real meaning of beauty. We spoke to people about their understanding of it and this is what they have to say:
Beauty is confidence. It radiates strength and passion. The fact that you are confident in your own skin and don’t need validation from anyone else is empowering. It helps you lead a life without the need to prove your worth to others.
-Sheetha Chacko
Director, Milestone PR
Beauty is being comfortable with oneself in aspects of both mental and physical well being. Beauty could be vanity indulgence across a range of brands and their flashy products or simply donning an austere outlook. Beauty is experimenting and enhancing your appearance or embracing how you already are. Beauty is confidence.
-Shravya Rao
Student (Discovering life)
Beauty for me is confidence and empowerment. When a woman is confident and walks with her head up high, she is beautiful. I strongly believe that beauty has nothing to do with what size you are, how sleek your hair looks or how on point your makeup is, it’s just a reflection of your confidence in yourself and the feeling that you are at your best at any given moment.
-Vidya Unnithan
Beauty in my eyes goes beyond looks and attraction, it’s more about the person’s attitude and their actions. Internal beauty really shines through a person’s actions and is more significant. When it comes to looks I follow the rule ‘Keep it simple but significant’.
-Arun Harikumar
Digital marketing analyst
For me simple is beautiful. It’s easy to put things in a complex way in this world and feel superior, however, to really break things down and analyse them for what they are is simple and that’s  beautiful. Simplicity in process, design, relationships, that’s true beauty.
-Aditya Nitin Joshi
CEO, Quarkexp
Beauty is something that comes from within when you have accepted yourself completely and are happy to be YOU. Beauty also reflects what you put inside your body, what you eat and drink shows. Your health is also a major factor and fitness really helps one in achieving that, which attributes to that inner glow and helps you look beautiful.
-Srividya Shekar
National Basketball player
I believe beauty is defined by how you carry yourself rather than your looks, your confidence and self faith makes you a beautiful human. When you believe in yourself, your views and opinions are better heard and accepted. Internal beauty really shines through.
-Vaishnavi Surnis
IT Professional
Beauty in my opinion is a misunderstanding. At the same time, it is what one perceives. Though contradicting, beauty is a recent concept which has evolved from acceptance. If you accept another person he/ she becomes beautiful without you thinking about their beauty. You like the person, you enjoy their company and you have no malice towards them. That is when you see or think ‘beauty’ until then it is simply a word.
-Kalpita Bhosale
Marketing Professional

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