Make this Father’s day a memorable one with these exciting ideas

Your daddy dearest deserves only the best and we are here to help you celebrate his presence in your life. We all need to find ways to say ‘Thank you’. Head on to these places to have some fun and spend significant time with your father.


1. An early morning trek for a refreshing start to the day

A trek to our very own Sinhagad can be a way to bond with your pops while burning some calories. If this isn’t tempting enough think about the hot kanda bhajis and matka dahi you can devour later.

Location : Sinhagad fort

2. Grab a beer with your old man

Looking for something  cool? Head to Over The Top – Bar & Grill where you buy a beer for yourself and your dad’s beer is on the house. Make your big man’s day an extraordinary one and lace it with memories that he will cherish for life.

Location: Radisson Blu, Hinjawadi

3.Rock climbing for the adventurous kind!

If your father is an adventure junkie then taking him rock climbing can be a really great way to spend some special time together. Rock Aliens Climbing Gym is a place that is great for both experienced climbers and for people who are absolute noobs.

Location : Rock Aliens Climbing Gym, Shivajinagar


4. Share a meal at Irish House and enjoy a laugh over the good ol’ days!

Walk into your favorite neighborhood pub and take a quick and easy quiz with your dad. If more than half your answers match with his, his meal is on the house! Yes, you heard that right, you can win a meal voucher which can be redeemed instantly for your dad!

(P.S. If you get less than half the answers to match, your dad still gets a beer or a dessert on the house!)

Location : Irish House

5. Take a mixology class together

This can be a great way to not only learn how to perfect your favourite cocktails but to also have fun learning with Dad! Mixology class can help you learn a really cool skill and it gives you something to talk about later. Perhaps you can show off your skills by throwing a Father’s Day party for family and friends.

Location : Weekend Hoby Course at


6. The very traditional home made dinner and wine

There are plenty of really quirky and fun things you can do with your father but cooking for him his favourite dish for dinner is something special.

End your day by sharing some wine and the perfect dinner with your Papa.

7. Attend a library session

Many libraries in the city and also bookstores have special discounts and offers. You can avail them to read with your dad and spend a quiet literary day together over coffee and  books.

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