Now Pune has its “Mama’s live hawker market” at Mamagoto

In a world of stale, pre-made, non-customized buffets – Pune’s new favourite Mamagoto presents the Antibuffet. In an effort to offer value-for-money freshly made luncheons, the #Antibuffet resembles a typical busy Asian hawker market, and as they call it “Mama’s live hawker market”. Treat your senses to a variety of rotational dishes every day. Gorge on assorted vegetables in Chilli Black Bean Sauce, Pickled Korean Chilli Noodles, Toban Djan Fish, Chicken in Thai Green Curry, homemade coconut ice-cream or assorted pastries from the wide range of soups, dumplings, appetizers & mains cooked fresh by the Chefs. 

When: Monday to Friday, 12pm to 4pm

Where: Mamagoto, The Pavillion Mall, SB Road 

Price: INR549 AI veg and 599 AI non-veg per head 

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