Karnataka Food Festival at Savya Rasa.

Pune’s only authentic South Indian fine dine restaurant Savya Rasa invited us to try their special menu as part of their ‘Karnataka Festival’ celebrations.

We couldn’t wait to indulge in some mouth-watering specialties from the gastronomically rich state of Karnataka, and were pleased to find we would be served on the traditional banana leaf when we arrived at the table.

The rustic decor, antique chairs, hand chiselled flooring, the bright glass paintings depicting Ramayana in Kalamkari art and the traditional vessels around give you a little tour of ancient South India.

The chefs at Savya Rasa have extensively researched and brought the local resources to make sure every dish served is authentic.

We were served two vegetarian starters, out of which the first was Batata Malige, deep fried potatoes wedges marinated in traditional Masala from the konkan region.

The second were Anube Kalumensu, which were button mushrooms pan tossed with onion, green chilies, black pepper and seasonings were sweetish in taste.

In the non-vegetarian starters, we tried the Mangalorean classic, Neitha Kori Roast – chicken morsels marinated in spicy red masala made from byadgi chilli, jeera, and cinnamon stir fried with ghee, that we really enjoyed.

We couldn’t stop praising the Mutton Sukka made in grated coconut, and we recommend you must try.

The cuisine in the coastal Karnataka is celebrated for its array of sea food delicacies.

The Mottu Maanji – Pomfret marinated in Green Masala made of coriander leaves, green chili, coconut and other local spices was absolutely delicious.

Yettie Rawa Fry, the prawns marinated in byadgi chili paste were deep fried to perfection.

After the highly satisfied and fulfilling appetizers, we began with main course.

In the vegetarian curries, we were served the Ananas Menaskai – a sweet, sour, spicy pineapple gravy which is quite a popular South Karnataka dish, Tharkari Kajippu – a spicy curry made from carrot, beans, cauliflower and ground coconut, and a dry Kadale Mandolin Ajadina – an unusual combination of ivy guard, Chana cooked in spicy Masala and garnished with grated coconut.

The non-vegetarian curries, we couldn’t stop licking our fingers after trying the Kori Gassi – chicken curry made from coconut milk, which is best enjoyed with Kori Roti.

From the land of Tulu, there was the Neer Dosa  that goes wonderfully well with almost anything and some golden deep fried fluffy bread buns made from ripe banana, refined flour and yoghurt.

For those who like their fish tangy & spicy, the Bangda Puli Manchi is a must try!

We relished the delicacy from the land of warriors the most, the Coorgi Chicken curry cooked in coriander and pepper gravy which was served with Pundi – a steamed rice dumpling.

In rice, we had the Kudla Kori Biryani cooked with succulent pieces of chicken, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and basmati rice.

For dessert we were served some popular delicacies of Northern Karnataka such as Dharwad peda – caramelized milk solid rounders coated with castor sugar,

Sorrekkai Payasa – a Mangalorean dessert made with Ash guard, slow cooked in milk, ghee, khava and flavored with cardamom.

And the Halasina Hannina Payasa made of Jackfruit, milk, jaggery, cashew nuts, and ghee.

We recommend that you should experience the rich flavours and these delicacies of Karnataka Festival at Savya Rasa till the 29th of July 2018.

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