Learn the art of Ikebana from Lisa Pingale at Mamagoto, Pavilion.

If the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangements has always intrigued you, here is your chance to learn the craft from the pros themselves. Mama is stoked to invite you over for the Art of Ikebana Workshop by Mona and Lisa Pingale.


Mona, a Master of the Ohara School of Ikebana is an accomplished artist with over 48 years of experience in the art form. Amidst the peppy Manga decor and vibe that transports you straight to the glistening streets of Japan, learn this​ fine​ art at Mamagoto.


Enjoy an array of​ scrumptious freshly made vegetarian and chicken ​dim sums, spring rolls and Watermelon Beach Lemon Zest and Mint Lemonade mocktails- just what you would need this lovely monsoon!

When: Thursday, July 26, 4-6 pm

Where: Mamagoto, The Pavilion Mall, Next to JW Marriott, SB Road.

Call to register: 9607917210

Price: INR 1000 inclusive of workshop material and F&B.

Details about the workshop-

  • Introduction at the beginning.
  • Brief history of Ikebana and some basic rules for flower arrangement, including proportions, numbers and colours.
  • Demonstration of a basic style of Ikebana and get the participants to make it.
  • Another free style arrangement.
  • Demonstration of 3 to 4 more arrangements which can be displayed.

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