The Traveling Stars festival at Shizusan.

On popular demand, Shizusan is bringing back the best of Travelling Series showcasing a delectable selection of baos, dim sums, satays, sushi and more as a part of the new festival ‘The Travelling Stars’.

Featuring the most loved dishes, inspired from the mythical traveller, Shizu’s gourmet adventures around the world, the festival brings to the fore global renditions of classical Asian delicacies.  

Srilankan Roll

Bursting with flavours and ingredients from Germany to the Philippines, Sri Lanka to Vietnam, Korea to Japan and Singapore to Thailand, highlights of the menu include Norwegian Salmon Maki, Activated Charcoal & Crab Xiao Long Bao (stuffed with steaming hot pho), Korean Sweet Chilli Chicken Bao and Udang Bulgogi Satay (shrimp in Korean Bulgogi sauce with lemongrass skewers ).

Travelling Stars - Baos

If vegetarian is more your style, tuck into Banh Bao Chay (Vietnamese stuffed steamed buns with wild mushrooms and glass noodles), Filipino Steamer Bao (shredded veggies tossed in sweet soy, sesame and chiili-mayo) Asparagus & Fragrant Rice Baozi (fragrant rice in superior broth with veggies) and KushikatsuLotus Root (deep fried Japanese crumbed food on a stick).

Kushikatsu Lotus Root

Helping you end on a sweet note are sumptuous desserts including the Green Apple Moneybags (a unique sweet dim sum) and Golden Pumpkin Custard, replete with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

Complementing these dishes are a set of Asian inspired cocktails such as Som Tum Sling, Lychee Martini, Crouching Tiger, Soho Lagoon Punch, Sake Sparkling Mojito and more…

The Travelling Stars festival at Shizusan in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru is an exemplification of the brand’s endeavours to introduce diners to global food trends while keeping the integrity of the flavours in fact. A confluence of both locally sourced and international ingredients, each dish is pleasing to both the plate and palate.


About Shizusan: The restaurant is centred around the adventures of the fictional traveller and passionate foodie, Shizusan. His recipes take inspiration from his travels across Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Envisaged as a bistro in Pune and a traditional Asian Shophouse in Mumbai and Bengaluru, the menu comprises of Sushi, Dim Sums, Baos, Curries and other East Asian favourites, complemented by Asian cocktails, Japanese whiskeys and sake. The décor in all three cities is quirky with Shizu’s collectibles from across Asia.

Date : From July 27 to August 26, 2018.

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