Hippie At Heart relocates to Bhandarkar Road.

Previously located on FC Road, Hippie at Heart is alive once again and has relocated to Bhandarkar Road. The restaurant has officially opened its doors to the Pune public and is ready to satiate customers!

H@H (2)

As the name hints, this quirky joint is hippie themed with vibrant decor and glass-bottle lighting. Murals of our childhood favourites – John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix – line the walls of this place. There is a spacious outdoor seating with brightly-coloured cushions for guests to lean back and relax. The outside space also sports cycles of varied hues that are hung on the walls.


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The menu is diverse and reflects the theme of the resto-bar. It contains quotes from 70s singers like Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison, to keep you distracted while you await your order. It offers guests a Tapas section to choose from and primarily serves continental food including Pizzas, Pastas, Sandwiches and Salads. You can wash down your lunch/ dinner with a range of delicious cocktails, priced at pocket-friendly rates.

H@H (1)

Come down for a throwback to the 70s, or simply your love for food and drinks, we guarantee you a good time! Awake the Hippie within you!

Call 8652174555 for reservations.

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