Celebrate Independence Day with Dadu’s Sweet Emporio

Food and sweets have always been an integral part of our culture and since it doesn’t get more Indian than binging on food, Dadu’s Sweet Emporio has geared up to honor 72 glorious years of Independence with much patriotic fervor.

From an array of tricolor-themed treats, they have rounded up delicacies like Tiranga Ghevar, Tricolor Modak, Tiranga Dhokla, Badam Pista Chocor, Tiranga Malai Burfi, Tiranga Pani Poori, Tiranga Malai Poori that will notch up your food quotient.

So don’t use this holiday as an excuse to laze in bed with a TV remote in hand, instead give your taste buds a patriotic spin and celebrate freedom with Dadu’s Sweet Emporio.


When: August 15, 2018

Where: Dadu’s Sweet Emporio, Camp & Baner

Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM

Call: 7447446389

Or Order Online at www.dadussweet.com

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